What Prison Feels Like

hands tied — behind my back,

swinging loose, but purposeless


my footfalls are hamster wheels,

same tread ground, around and around




like Hades, no trees,

only bare bones and screams

no roses, no moon, no suns




my soul – detached from humanity

it turns, it burns

Viktor Frankl, no meaning.

without substance, no purpose


foggy, abstract,

darkness pervades

save for gray walls and steel


Life is a blur; no dates, no meaningful moments

bland, like bread, like red rivulets

burning a hole in the head of the soul


mind-numbing monotony,

malnourished group hink, recycled air,

oppressive air




is what prison feels like.


Dortell Williams is pursuing a BA in communications. He has dedicated his life toward mentoring youth and helping survivors of crime. You may find other works of his via Google search. He appreciates feedback from his readers and invites outside assistance. He may be reached indirectly at Dortell Williams, H-45771/A5-204, P.O. Box 4430, Lancaster, CA 93539