By a Michigan Harm Redux Worker

For years, it has seemed that it was working: the flow of money and awareness into the world of harm reduction and safer injection practices was saving lives. Though still marginalized and threatened by the state and bureaucrats at all levels, people who use drugs were finally given a means to protect themselves from death: our chemical friend naloxone, often sold as Narcan.

Countless doses of Narcan have been disseminated to bar staff and office drones alike,


God and Me in 2023

By Lawrence Hollins

Today I’m turning the page, and I thank God for setting me free from that cage, and not sending me to my grave, because I had a crave, I was in a daze, and I walked around in a maze for days

My father God said it was just a phase, and that’s why you’re able to turn the page

From that ghetto vacation, that would have led to incarceration,


The Flower and Me

by Clarence E. Block, shared by daughter Cheryl Block Shanks

Walking up the narrow trail
That seems to lead
To the top of the world…
It seems that I’ve
Been walking for hours
So I stop to gather my breath.

Looking back behind me
At the world I’ve left behind —
For a minute —
And now I’m walking again
Up, up …
I thought I’d never get to the top.
It’s so peaceful …
Nothing and no one is here, … READ MORE

Stolen Belonging: This is What Accountability Looks Like

by Leslie Dreyer

The Stolen Belonging project, in collaboration with the Coalition on Homelessness, interviewed unhoused residents across the City to document the theft, abuse and trauma City workers inflict on unhoused people during encampment sweeps, how unhoused San Franciscans think they should be compensated, and how they imagine we should collectively hold the City accountable for these inhumane acts. In Street Sheet’s third installment of the Stolen Belonging project, we’re focusing on the latter question.


“We have a right to live just as much as anybody else, and have possessions”: Interview with Guy Jeffries

by the Stolen Belonging Team

My name is Guy Jeffries. I’ve lived in San Francisco for 15 years. About a month ago I had DPW [the Public Works department] stop by and give me a warning to pack up and leave. They said I had a whole day to do this, so I went to the store to retrieve the trash bags I needed to pack up my things. I came back.