Street Sheet x Street Spirit x Sogorea Te’ Land Trust Collaboration

An introduction

This issue is the first of its kind. It is a collaboration between two street newspapers—the Street Sheet in San Francisco and the Street Spirit in Berkeley—and the Sogorea Te Land Trust, an urban Indigenous women-led land trust based in the San Francisco Bay Area that facilitates the return of Indigenous land to Indigenous people. Within these pages you’ll find stories of displacement and struggle, calls to action, and dreams of a future where decolonization is not merely a metaphor,



by Tatiana Lyulkin

Nobody owns the sunrise,

The air we breathe,

The ground

Where we plant

And nurture our seeds.

The ones

Who were here before us

Believed so.

You can’t buy a waterfall,

A mountain meadow

Where the yellow 

And blue flowers bloom.

Nobody owns

A quiet country road,


Affordable Housing on Stolen Land

by India Christian Price 

I grew up on stolen land.  But as a Black woman in the Bay Area, primarily in the East Bay and partially in the Peninsula, I never fully understood that the land was even stolen, and that’s actually where the problem began. You grow up seeing white people, wealthy people, really damn near everyone except Black people owning homes and having expensive things. And you believe that it may have always been this way,


Decolonizing Homelessness

An Origin Story

by Tiny, daughter of Dee, povertyskola co-founder /visionary of Homefulness

@povertyskola on Twitter and IG and online at

Decolonizing or dying?

I mean how can we talk about just transfers

and still b owning her while she b desecrated and yet we keep buying and selling and buying

Mama earth is who I speak of

Our great mama who like our mamas we only have one of

Her purchase

Your profit

Leads to all these violent Evictions and sweeps that got us poor peoples dying

From WinnaMucca to Wood Street to around the corner from 1st nations elders to grandmamas like Iris Canadá and Elaine Turner

Buying selling renting and dwelling -if u po u lucky if u win the real esnakke monopoly end up housed instead of at the mercy of scamlords,


Transformation/ Transformacion

by Homefulness Resident/Formerly Homeless Poverty Scholar Israel Muñoz

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Hoy, como todos, sigo con la lucha de cada día. Dejar el alcohol y con la ayuda de la gente que tuve la suerte de conocer a través de otra persona. Una persona con la que tuve el honor de compartir y aprender cosas que no se enseñan en la escuela,