COVID Widow on a Hunger Strike for Housing Rights

Parts of this essay have been removed due to space limitations, but you can read the whole story with more critical details on her blog at 

You know how a person in grief becomes unhinged and focuses so passionately on what killed their loved one, that they change some segment of the law or society. Well, that’s happening to me. On December 23, 2020, at 2:30 p.m.,


Honoring Charles Davis, Vendor #728

Charles Davis with a baseball cap, glasses, and a bushy red beard.

Charles Davis: In memoriam 

by Rev. Victor H. Floyd

For many years, Street Sheet has educated me and led me to an understanding and deeper love for my unhoused neighbors. In my context as a pastor, Street Sheet is a sacred text, an on-the-scene report from the front lines where Need and Greed do constant battle. The way our beloved San Francisco is set up,


A non-police response to homelessness in sight!

On January 19, the Compassionate Alternative Response Team (CART) working group presented its community plan for San Francisco to end the law enforcement response to homelessness and to roll out a new community-run response team.

“What kind of city would be possible if unhoused neighbors were treated as worthy of life and dignity rather than as a nuisance or a threat?” This is the fundamental question driving the CART working group’s mission to replace the police as first responders to situations involving unhoused members of the community.


To Sameen on His 9th Birthday, Thanks!

“The first time I saw a homeless person I felt very sad. I think everyone should have a home because of these reasons…hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, robbers, and COVID-19. These things can kill you. Homeless people are treated poorly in the streets by others. I think everyone should have a home because everyone deserves one.” – Sameen Prasad

Children are observant and have a heart for others that supersedes bureaucratic politics and the cruelties of capitalism.


February Poetry Corner

My Valentine Love
by Lawrence Hollins

Love is: sharing and caring,
giving and forgiving
Love is: loving and being loved
walking hand in hand
talking heart to heart
Love is: seeing through each
others eyes laughing
together, weeping together
praying together and
moreso staying together,
Love is: your Best Friend, your
King or Queen, your dream
your everything,
Love is: God, and God likes 
loving, now that’s
what I call love!!!

With a Smile
by Mira Martin-Parker

I work in a room the size of a broom closet and I am happy. … READ MORE