Homeless in Gaza

by tiny, daughter of Dee, mama of Tiburcio @povertyskola

The connections between our targeted, unhoused relatives in Gaza and our unhoused bodies on occupied Turtle Island

“WTF??? Three cops came up to me in succession, first cajoling, then demanding, then threatening arrest if I didn’t leave. This wasn’t just a sweep, this was terror.” Jonny X, longtime RoofLessRadio at POOR Magazine reporter from Occupied Yelamu, SF reported from under his tarp at 8th and Mission. 


Why San Franciscans Weren’t Invited to APEC’s Party

Save the Date Shut Down APEC Nov. 12 noon Harry Bridges Plaza RSVP:tinyurl.com/nov12N2A

by Javier Bremond

Living in San Francisco, it’s fairly obvious that the ruling class has an unfair influence on our daily lives. But for an entire week last month, the City sent a message to its constituents: “We’re throwing a big party, and you’re not invited.” Apparently, the closest comparison in terms of scale and importance is the establishment of the United Nations, which took place here in 1945.


Oakland Attempts to Curb the Homeless Health Crisis with Street Medicine

by Chris Lee

Homeless deaths have surged in recent years. In Oakland, Chronic illness and addictions make up most of homeless deaths by 47% and 31% respectively

John Janosko has been on and off methamphetamine for the last several years while homeless in West Oakland. However, it may not be the addiction that kills the 55-year-old. His heart might give up first.

Janosko is one of thousands of homeless residents with comorbidities that put him at risk of an early death.


Clarence Galtney: The OG of Harrison Street

Clarence Galtney, 65, takes a break from organizing his belongings on Harrison Street, November 8, 2023.

by Bradley Penner

As mounting pressure from the City of Berkeley brings Eighth and Harrison to its breaking point, one resident sheds light through the cracks

Clarence “OG” Galtney, 65, spent the morning of November 6 bagging possessions and clearing the perimeter of his tent on Harrison Street, a process he says he’s gone through over twenty times in Berkeley over the past ten years. 

The sweep Galtney was preparing for had been a long time coming.