Tough Love

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Mohammed Nuru sucks,
Sweeps do, too

Mayor London Breed has talked a lot lately about taking a ‘tough love’ approach when addressing the needs of San Francisco’s homeless population. It’s an odd, shitty, and shameful attitude for a city to take towards those whom life has already been toughest to, but it’s nothing new. In 2016, one week before Christmas, then-mayor Ed Lee called for a ‘tough love’ approach to homelessness,



An update on the 2018 Proposition C Our City Our Home measure

It’s been over a year since the 2018 Proposition C – Our City Our Home – was passed with 62% of voter support. The measure, which taxes the wealthiest corporations in San Francisco with income over $50 million an average of one-half percent, will garner around $300 million for homelessness every year. However, none of the money can be spent as the measure is held up in a hotly contested lawsuit. 


The Coalition On Homelessness & Hospitality House Celebrate Black History Month

Tracey Mixon

      The Coalition on Homelessness and Hospitality House will be having a Black History month celebration. This year’s theme is the displacement of African Americans in San Francisco. Please join us for soul food and share your stories. We will also be lobbying our leaders in City Hall to let them know how displacement has affected us and to demand changes.

       Many African Americans came to San Francisco during and after World War II,



by TJ Johnston

Police should not be the first response to homelessness in San Francisco, the Police Commission decided when it unanimously passed a resolution on January 15. 

The seven-member commission approved a measure calling for the City to organize a working group on developing alternatives to a police-centered response to homelessness. The Homelessness, Public Health and other related departments, as well as people with direct experience with homelessness,



DPW Director Mohammed Nuru Removed from Post

by TJ Johnston

On January 26th the U.S. Department of Justice arrested Mohammed Nuru, director of the San Francisco Department of Public Works, on charges of honest services wire fraud in an alleged bribery scheme involving a member of the City’s Airport Commission. He had also arrested five days earlier for disclosing the investigation and then lying about it to the FBI.


Moms 4 Housing

An armored vehicle was parked outside the house on Magnolia Street in Oakland when a SWAT team dressed in what looked like military fatigues broke down the door. Deputies from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department swarmed in to carry away their targets. So what threat was the police force sent in to pacify? What danger warranted all the police, the guns, the fatigues, the vehicle meant to respond to terrorism threats?



Solutions Not Sweeps

by Brian Edwards

On any given night in San Francisco, there are over 9,000 unhoused San Francisco residents, and as of Wednesday, January 29, there were 937 people on the single adult shelter waitlist. Without an indoor option, thousands of San Franciscans are forced to live outside in public spaces. The City increasingly criminalizes their presence in these places, and forcibly removes them with daily (and nightly) sweeps without offering adequate alternative shelter or services. 


Safe Parking Site opens: Community Raises Questions About Implementation

By Ben Baczkowski

On December 11, 2019, San Francisco city officials officially announced the opening of the Vehicle Triage Center (VTC) located on San Jose Avenue near Balboa Park BART station. The yearlong pilot program will provide a secure parking location and targeted services for folks living in their vehicles, and is the first safe parking facility of its kind in San Francisco’s history. The site includes up to 30 parking spaces with mobile blackwater pumping services,


When Mental Illness is Environmental

By David Spero

Reprinted from The Inn by the Healing Path

Everyone knows about environmental illnesses, caused by pollution or unhealthy working conditions. But mental health problems can be environmental too, unavoidable reactions to difficult life situations. Changing the environment can change a person’s thoughts and emotions, as it has for my friend Jessie.

I’ve known Jessie since her 30s, when we played in a band together,


All Bark and No Bite

The flaws and failures of Sen. Scott Wiener’s Senate Bill 50

by Didi Miller

The U.S. Senate wasn’t the only legislature suffering from an inability to compromise — California had also felt the brunt of unyielding adversaries in the heat of its housing crisis. California State Senator Scott Wiener, San Francisco’s district representative, brought his wildly disputed transit rezoning Senate Bill 50 (SB 50) to the floor on January 6,