Rest In Power, Lamar Seymore

The Tenderloin sadly and unexpectedly lost an important member of the community on April 21, 2022. Lamar Seymore had been a full-service partnership therapist and intensive case manager at the Tenderloin Outpatient Clinic for over 14 years, during which time he provided outreach and case management, as well as individual and group therapy to some of the most vulnerable members of our community. Through his life’s work and dedication, Lamar assisted clients on an everyday basis and made life-changing contributions to residents of the Tenderloin.


What Justice Does (and Doesn’t) Look Like

What is the true meaning of justice? Justice is a concept of moral rightness based on ethics, rationality, law, natural law, religion, or equity. It is also the act of being just and/or fair. This is a concept that is currently not being observed in regards to gender, age, and sexuality—especially toward members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community worldwide. At some point we have all seen, heard, or read stories about mistreatment,


A Story on Poverty

Perhaps many people dream of being born in California, but for me, it wasn’t such a stroke of luck. Born first in a family of five, I had to take up responsibilities pretty early. My parents did not have the best jobs, and we lived a hand-to-mouth life. As if that was not enough bad luck, we lost our dad when I was 19 years old. This was the lowest point of our lives, and my mum was devastated.


Why Mandelman’s Shelter Expansion Plan Doesn’t Fall into Place

Supervisor Rafael Mandelman has been trying hard to get houseless people off the streets. But judging by his new bill, his definition of getting people off the streets does not mean getting them into housing. 

For the second time in two years he is proposing legislation to the Board of Supervisors, where it will be heard first at the Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee on May 12. If it passes, it would put people into temporary shelter: a tent in a sanctioned camp,


Oversight Panel Proposes Homelessness Spending in SF Budget

Rental assistance for 2,000 households, seven street crisis response teams and over 1,400 units of permanent supportive housing for adults, families and youth are some of the highlights from draft recommendations for the city’s Our City, Our Home (OCOH) fund, presented on April 21 and 22 by the OCOH Oversight Committee. 

The OCOH fund, required under Proposition C, was created by San Francisco voters in 2018 to fund permanent solutions to homelessness. The fund raises over $300 million per year through a tax on gross corporate revenue. 


Mayor Breed Holds Back $3 Million From CART

In the 2021 San Francisco budget process, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously supported the implementation of the Compassionate Alternative Response Team (CART), but Mayor London Breed refused to execute this ordinance, which would activate the peer-led CART teams, because she launched her own version of street outreach called Street Wellness Teams. Yet,  $3 million in funding was secured to begin the implementation of CART,  which currently sits untouched in unallocated reserve for a year.


Home: Kurt Shruptrine

Name: Kurt Shuptrine, 55

Date: 23 March 2022

Place: Rankin Street and Islais Creek

Homeless: About 11 years

What does Home mean to you?

Texas, that’s where I’m from. I miss Texas big time.

Why are you at Rankin and Islais Creek?

It’s by the water. Something about the water reminds me of home.


Side Notes

The manner in which the hours of freedom.. 

are spent determines, no less than labor or war, the moral worth of a nation.” 

— Maurice Maeterlinck 

Little Miss Muffet

Sat on her tuffet

Smoking a bowl in the dark

Along came a ranger, 

Took her weed and detained her 


SRO Collaboratives, the City and the Nonprofits in Between

If you are placed in supportive housing, it will likely be a single-room occupancy (SRO) unit, and you will also come into contact, in various contexts, with the SRO Collaboratives. They tend to get tenants plugged in by holding dinners, giving out free ice cream and getting them involved in neighborhood issues, and yes, an SRO Collaborative got me interested in these oft-ignored equity issues. However, if you dig deeper, you will find conflicts of interest,


Vendor Profile: Stanley Michael Jackson

How long have you been selling STREET SHEET

Over 20 years—started when I saw my niece selling them. I couldn’t believe it: People would just give me money for this paper! It makes me feel good because I like talking to people, and they’ll actually listen to you. You can tell them what’s happening in the Bay Area, you know what I’m saying. I tell them stories about my life.