Get Involved


Contribute to Street Sheet financially by making a donation to the Coalition on Homelessness.

Volunteer Your Time & Talent

We are always looking for committed volunteers to join the Street Sheet team. If you have skills you’d like to contribute, please e-mail us and we will get back to you shortly!

Graphic Design: We are looking for folks who are interested in layout design of the paper and who are familiar with InDesign. You will be working closely with the Editor to layout the paper and to create digital art.
Web Master: Update and maintain our website so readers can keep up to date with homeless news!
Writers/Reporters: Writers and reporters are either assigned stories by the editor or can pitch stories that they would like to do. Writers typically write one or two stories every month, with each story being 750-1500 words long.If you would like to write, please submit 1-2 writing samples to
Photographers: Take photos for our news stories or work on a photo essay for the Street Sheet.
Writing Workshops: Help us put on writing workshops for the community! Outreach, create, and facilitate writing and poetry workshops for homeless writers. Assist them in creating/editing their stories for the paper.
Vendor Program: Assist with the vendor program. Examples include: creating a sales workshop, creating community events, registering to vote, gathering feedback from vendors, etc.

Other opportunities available – talk to us!

For more information, e-mail us or call the Editor, Quiver Watts, at (415) 3463740.