Vendor Program

About the Street Sheet Vendor Program

The Street Sheet’s vending program works with approximately 230 vendors every month to get under-reported stories on homelessness, housing, and poverty to the people of San Francisco. Most vendors have themselves been homeless, but for many, the supplemental income provided by the Street Sheet is part of what allows them to live in residential hotels or in other housing.

The Coalition on Homelessness provides the Street Sheet for free. Registered vendors can pick up up to 100 copies every weekday morning, and can sell the papers for $2 a copy. All proceeds stay with the vendor.

How to Become a Vendor

If you’d like to become a vendor, come by the Coalition on Homelessness’ office at 468 Turk Street between Hyde and Larkin on Tuesday or Thursday at 11:00 am. New vendors can get up to 25 papers per day for up to one week until their orientation. Call if you have any questions!

Contacting Vendors

If you’d like to get in touch with a particular vendor, tell us about good experiences with a vendor, or report problems you’ve had with a particular vendor, please call the Street Sheet Vendor Coordinator, Emmett House, at (415) 346-3740 × 309 or by e-mail.