L’Itinéraire vendor reveals reality of sex work to challenge stigmas

29 July 2016 by INSP News Service

L’Itinéraire vendor Jo Redwitch candidly reflects on her former career as a “sex dancer” in Montreal. Her essay is in reaction to Canada’s controversial new prostitution bill, which has been widely denounced by sex workers. Jo believes the bill “isn’t suited to the reality of sex work” and hopes more sex workers can “find the courage to speak out and share their point of view” to challenge common stigmas.


The U.N. Investigates Poverty and Human Rights in San Francisco

Dec. 15, 2017

by T.J.Johnston

The topic of homelessness is often addressed as an economic, health, or safety issue. But a special investigator from the United Nations came to San Francisco on December 6 to hear from community members with a take not often heard from officials in the U.S.: the human rights of homeless people.


Philip Alston, UN special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights,


Nicaraguan Women Push for Access to Farmland, and Prosperity

A group of women farmers who organised to fight a centuries-old monopoly over land ownership by men are seeking plots of land to farm in order to contribute to the food security of their families and of the population at large.

Matilde Rocha, vice president of the Federation of Nicaraguan Women Farmers Cooperatives (Femuprocan), told IPS that since the late 1980s, when women trained in the Sandinista revolution organised to form cooperatives,


Argentinian Women Stage Topless Protest to Claim Rights

Dozens of topless women, joined by hundred of fully clothed protesters, demonstrated in Buenos Aires on Tuesday to demand the right to sunbathe semi-nude on February 7 to demand the right to sunbathe semi-nude after police asked bare-breasted women to leave a nearby beach.

Smaller protests have occurred throughout the country in recent weeks in response to the January incident and it remains unclear if Argentine law allows women to go topless on public beaches.