555 Folsom, Colourblind, CA, 94105

the     sun did   start setting    this        mourning 

Awake    a     wake tumbled in from        the 

gritty shores     of yesterday. or next year        ?

i replaced the     filament     but brilliant       tungsten 

could     not rival         the     peculiar light

of     orange        beams sprinting   out     of sky

rubber        soul        hit     pavement

iron     from behind     lazily     screeched. then slammed

the gray air beckoned         albeit           too absent 

and I felt it.     the whispers   of trembling      Pacific

the salty residue   palpable       in cracked              lips

the men at the gate. they couldn’t  understand     it so

they asked me:            are your nipples hard

fuck you, i replied        but gray is basically blue

and I think                I remembered

because the brassy notes did fill     my scorched    lungs

and I saw you there    on the shore.           with them

Mystics    Vallie-gurls Surfers      Cat-walkers         Sinners  

Airpods     Scott    Sourdough     Chesa             Ahsha

Ventriloquists         a real-estate Lord    plus

other dead ones        ,             too   

the whole sage-waving orchestra.     seductively      naive

at first they were         so .             polite

a few strokes to the left         please.    one squeaked

can you please just give me    five fucking             minutes   

but see    that glorious         wave it: wanted my     body

he wanted my       body.     so sure i let that      egyptian     cotton

thread count 500    sit     on         my boyish breasts

head was cool too        like the room            it had

no floors.     just stars and s  cribb   les on              pages

but he dared tell me it was         Dec 2020.    even I

understand     how tacky    time             can be

everyone       stumbling around in      the            half light 

chins lifted     ever so slightly         towards 

the heavens?     still gray. all this     talk of Camus’ Plague

parchment unscratched        whole peoples    dis placed     see

you & me     were set to exchange    whispers      mighty

enough to tempt San     Andreas, electricity        . palpable 

enough to     implicate PG&E     in the next      disaster

but         none of that     happened so    here we are    a

pop-up merchant who        with a sublime treasure display 

as the foreground for Ronnie’s    mural            (power)

sees my lens he wants a snap. suspends his body    dotty 

behind the    shutter                (only he knows I’m dead)

remnants of memory at                             16, Mission

the seafoam quivered.    a YIMBY did actually cry      — one

less avocado for you.         the shore people     fidgeted

with crumpled    prayers from     ripped        pockets

a valiant effort to     upcycle wrappers and     scattered lint

come back! they yelled       you too  can eat duck  confit. we shall

Upzone the pacific with a side of     Crêpes Juliennes

all you need is 40 pixels for streaming live  try     SFGOVTV

a terry cloth mask    and some    much-furrowed eyebrows

they believed that water could be dug up too. that the silken 

sheets     could    be pulled off in layers.                 a tissue box!

the    whole performance was truly     quite         flattering

but who knew?  slight empathy         cannot    unsheath

the drowned     who’ve         already     been         drowned

and as my brittle bones sunk         down     down down in frigid 

indifference     i did regret that it would necessitate     a sky of gray

but the ocean gets

what the ocean wants                      naughty Coriolis

I have been dead     since     dot               com. did you not 

leave a voicemail?        Being ohlone down     here is hard

but thank god. 

more room. for even more        spectators. 

to mock my     jettisoned         corpse    (should it appear)

as Zillow    points them towards     pearly         Austin

all because:

   they decided that

now they miss       

       the color orange