Where Are They Supposed to Go?

Man pulling a wagon near RV site in Oakland, CA

by Yolanda Catzalco

First, let it be clear: Because of the current economic system we live under, the choice of how to live should be ours, not the government’s.

Rents are skyrocketing, as documented by countless local and statewide surveys, such as one that found that over 50% of unhoused seniors in California were receiving an average of $960 a month and lost their housing. Once seniors are unhoused,


COVID’s Not Over!

When COVID-19 first hit the streets of San Francisco in 2020, the response was dramatic. People with housing began to shelter in place, mutual aid networks sprung up, and tenants went on rent strike. While San Francisco publicly spotlighted its shelter-in-place hotel program, which offered private rooms to about 1,500 unhoused people, many unsheltered San Franciscans were left to fend for themselves as shelters closed down and services shuttered their doors. During the two and a half years that the program operated,


With a Diagnosis of Schizophrenia, Our Prospects are Tough

by Jack Bragen

At 18, I was released from the hospital following a horrible psychotic episode for which I had been jailed and put in several psych wards. When finally released, I was back to some semblance of normality.

When I met with outpatient psychiatrists, they advised me that I should get a job doing the same kind of thing I’d done before I’d had the psychotic episode. It was never suggested that I try to go to college or do any kind of job that entailed brains.


“What helped me was finally a room where I could be safe, regular meals and a warm bed”: An account on getting sober

by Agapezz

For me, it used to be that consuming was more important than eating: I needed it to fall asleep and wake up, to function. To keep from going crazy, I hold on to the high, even if it means ignoring any morality I really wanted to hold on to. Consumption lulls my traumas to sleep and covers them so they don’t wake up. I would like to deal with my negative experiences,


Homelessness in SF

by Medusa/Bianca

Growing up in a small town in the Midwest, I had always been captivated by the city of San FranciscoI dreamed of one day living in a bustling metropolis. After graduating from college, I finally had my chance:. I landed a job in San Francisco and moved to the city, full of excitement and hope. My first few months in San Francisco were everything I had hoped for. I explored the city’s vibrant neighborhoods,