The Future Without Racism

by Terry Johnson

What would the future look like if racism were defeated? This question causes my heart to yearn. The belief that different races possess distinct characteristics, abilities or qualities that distinguish them as inferior or superior to one another is what makes this world so divided. We could instead embrace a world that is diverse and colorful, full of different kinds of people with different mindsets and backgrounds.In a bid for racial superiority,




by Dee Allen

Sisters aren’t valued

In this world of ours

Seen nowhere on the streets

Not the hospitals, malls or bars

Because they’re



From the city

Headcount cut down in size.

Sisters aren’t respected

In this world of ours

Yet their kin are fraught w/ worry.


What Black History Month Means to Me

by Tariq Johnson

It is a time of Reflection to sharpen my perception of who I am and where I come from. The struggles that my ancestors went through, to overcome the obstacles of racism and achieve their goals. So the positive definition of the word N-I-G-G-A could and would become: Never Ignorant – Getting – Goals Achieved.

I am 58 years old, born in 1964 when Black Power really meant something to my people.


Make the Change

Make the change 

Give your change 

Lend a helping hand 

Buy a meal 

Feed the soul 

Don’t feed me the processed 

Feed me the organic truth 

The fiber, the greens 

The antioxidants to give me life 

Make the change 

Give your change 

Read me a lyric,a story 

What’s your story? 

Can you smile that it makes me want to dance and sing To perform art,


Oasis Inn’s Family Shelter to Close — Unless the City Steps In

Less than two weeks before the planned closure of a shelter for unhoused families, housing and homelessness advocates converged on the steps of San Francisco City Hall to protest the Oasis Inn’s December 15 closing date.  The demonstrators—many of whom live at the Oasis and are facing imminent displacement—demanded that the City move to buy the building in the Cathedral Hill neighborhood, while also calling on the Oasis’s owners to sell the property to the City or a prospective nonprofit contractor at the December 6 action.