When Money Becomes a Weapon

Darnell Boyd

Who would possibly use money as a weapon against poor, homeless people? The wealthy would, and they are doing it now. They are raising money to stop a navigation center from being in their neighborhood.

Why would they do that? Why would they be so cruel to people that don’t have anything and they have more than enough?

These are some of their reasons. They said that their property value would go down. They said that needles and trash would be all over the streets. They said people would be camping out.

But I think the reason is this: They are afraid of doing something good. They are afraid of helping someone because it’s contagious. They are afraid of getting into the habit of giving. They are afraid of showing compassion and empathy and kindness.

Don’t worry, NIMBY. One day you are going to need someone to show you kindness, empathy and love, and it won’t be there because you forgot to make a deposit in the Karma Bank.