Waverly Walton

Street Sheet Vendor 1996-2019

I done went through a lot of people in this office. The only person who was here when I first started was Miguel, he’s the only one. And he used to be the Street Sheet person we got papers from. When you came in, he would be sitting at the front desk. I’m a retired veteran so this keeps me busy. It helps individuals that needs help, it gives you a motivation to do your work you know, it motivates you and gives you something to do during the day. You’re really doing your part helping people who needs to be helped. I go out there to give people information on how they can help, let folks know we need their support ’cause its not getting no better. Plus it provides you funds, being a retired vet and being low income, it helps me get income later in the month after you’ve paid rent.

Why did you first get involved with Street Sheet?

I’ve always been a good salesman. I used to come into SF from Vallejo to sell candy for the Boys Youth Project. I’ve always been a natural salesman so when I heard about Street Sheet, that I could sell papers about the needy and homeless, I knew I could do that. So I let folks know I’m with the Coalition, ask folks to donate to our paper we put out for the sheltered and homeless, because you can’t really get real info in the Chronicle and the Examiner, so we have to do it ourselves. People who help themselves will prevail. You go out there and do it yourself, and that’s what I do. I go out there and provide for myself every day, I dont beg or steal. I’m a retired vet and I know what it’s like, ’cause when I first got out the army I used to drink a lot and was homeless for a while and this organization helped me out and I appreciate it. So now Im giving back since my life has come back together.

What has changed about the Street Sheet since 1996?

Oh it went from a dollar to two dollars. And also it is more colorful, you can get more info now too, it’s more in depth. And every January I like the poetry section. The homeless write poetry and it shows that even the homeless have talent.