Warning (A Love Poem)

by Blue Phoenix

Listen, this transmission is critical, please listen, you are in danger

this is not a joke, please assess your self, think again

Remember the things you wanted, Dreamt about

when you were 12, 24, 30, 17

Some of those Dreams still live inside you

But you only and always,

will ever have today

Stop worrying about the past, its over

Let the Future take care of itself

Be sure to share the love which you desire

You don’t have to be everyone’s friend

Live like there’s no tomorrow

Honor the dreams of your ancestors

Live a life worthy of God

Stop hiding under a rock

behind a screen, in a room

on the bus in a corner in your head phones inside your phone

enticing, distractions

while you watch the life that’s yours to live pass you by

no there is no return to now

Yes this is a warning its critical so live critically

Now pray the prayers, dance the dances, sing the songs,

love the unlovable, preach the word,

learn a new way, see a brighter day,

live in true peace, fulfill the legacy,

shake off the darkness, move to the a bold rhythm

hold space for the things that matter

exit and unplugged from the matrix

come into fruition, shine brightly

yes this is Gods warning

who cares who loves you.