Heroes of the Dancefloor released a new album Torch and the single “Same Scandal” on November 24 on INgrooves—the San Francisco-New York digital label.

All proceeds will go to two New York charities: Picture the Homeless and the New York Coalition for the Homeless (not to be confused with San Francisco’s Coalition on Homelessness, which benefitted for Heroes of the Dancefloor’s last release, Momentum). None of the proceeds—including publishing mechanicals and royalties—will go to any of the musicians.

The record features the singer Mamazu, the trumpet player touring and recording with Kasabian and the Scissor Sisters, and the sax player and keyboard player touring and recording with Pee Wee Ellis from James Brown’s old band.
Mixes and remixes have come from top US DJs such as Nick Chacona and Anthony Mansfield as well as top US and UK engineers including Adam Noble in the Strongroom, Joe Fields and Sam Dillon in Soho studios, Doug McBride in Gravity Studios in Chicago, Grammy-award-winning Thom Russo in Los Angeles, and Grammy-award-winning Mick Glossop in London.

According to the annual report by the Coalition for the Homeless, “New York has reached a new record for the number of homeless families living in our shelters. In this year alone the number of people living in homeless shelters has increased by 11% and the number of CHILDREN has increased by 18% to over 14,000.”

Last year the album Momentum was released digitally by INgrooves and was distributed as a CD by independent distribution collective. The record reached number 450 in the radio charts in the US without any promotion. A house remix by Amy McDonald’s producer (Mercury records) was released by INgrooves this year. All the money from these previous records (all mechanicals publishing royalties etc etc) go to the charity that organizes homeless people in San Francisco, the Coalition on Homelessness. This is the sister charity to Picture the Homeless in New York.

For further info see Heroes of the Dancefloor’s MySpace page or write an e-mail to or, or call 1.250.757.8420, or fax 1.604.677.5789.

Music Samples

“The Knack”

“Same Scandal”