“Thru My Window!”

Barbaric, struggle going on among pirates…

One part poitics, the other the justice system.

Thought it was, an Illusion, tell I got lost 2 the Corporation.

Billions of dollars they make, from my Isolation from my loved ones,

And Fam. I guess, it’s really metaphorical, for supply and demand.

Every time I try 2 stand, I fall deeper into the Quicksand they

Call “system”. They say “U gotta stand for something, and fall for nothing!”

What if, I say “I give!” does that make me a sucker!?

Corruption in this system makes me a casualty of mass imprisonment

War. Their rights, our way of life, my wrongs really of

Conscience; wrongs or right silence. Consequences, is no

justice, no peace of mind or privacy. Then they make, Petty

policys so we look as if we’re not worthy of Being called…

Human Beings…So Many getting Brain Washed, 2 Believe in

a lie. Put ur faith in A hieroglphic design to destruct

U enough to die. And there is so much Negative energy, the

Positives looks like specks…”Thru My Window!”