The Navigation Center

An Inside look at all of them

by Shy Brown

Since the first Navigation Center opened like five years ago, there have been multiple popping up all over San Francisco. Let’s take a look at all of them:

The first one was on 16th and Mission, it is currently closed down. That was the very first one to open, with multiple flaws that came along with that as well, and from personal experience I had bad experiences there as well.

Second one was the Civic Center Hotel. They are currently still open. Unlike the other Navigations, here you have your own room. I’ve experienced some traumatic events while being there. Ex: people jumping out of windows and people dying on the daily there. Oh and did I mention it’s haunted as well? And you work really tightly with case management.

The third one was 26th and South VanNess. That one was not at all organized. They are currently closed down as well. They were always changing the rules and they had unorthodox practices. If I wanted that kind of attitudes I would have stayed outside in the streets and dealt with that shit.

Now the last four Navigation Centers I can’t personally talk about because I haven’t been to any of them. But there are people who are in there who I talked to whose names are left out for confidentiality reasons.

The fourth one which is currently open is in the Dogpatch (Waterfront). Clients there said that it reminds them of Pier 80, very prison-like setting except you can come and go as you please. The staff there, from what I heard, are very rude and uptight, and they put themselves on a pedestal. Wow and they only do six month and seven day beds

The fourth one which is currently open is at 13th and Division. They only have 30 day beds and people say they can’t stand the environment – meaning the clients and the staff has f***ed up positions about themselves.

The last one, the current one that’s only been open give or take 6 months is the one in Bayshore. From what I heard they are more laid back there. You can come and go as you please. Also they only do 30 day beds unless you are a priority one client. Wow, being here sounds like a vacation paradise.

Well here are all the current Navigation Centers here in San Francisco.

I just wish Mayor London Breed would get a copy and see how to some way some how bring it in to her Budget Analysis when it comes to funding the homeless community.

So until next time I’m out!