Sitting on the Corner

Sitting on the corner

As people pass me,

They ignorantly toss me a coin ,

Out of  Garage comes a baby and his entourage,

AKA his parents,

3 teenage girls walk out of Priceline,

Giggling up a storm,

This all happens while I’m sitting on the corner,

An older woman walks by and in hope of a coin or two ,

I say “how do you do?”,

She replies “Gilbert?” And I walk briskly away,

I walk into Coles ,

My coins jingling in my jeans,

I search for a box of potato chips,

I find them in the packaged foods isle ,

And walk to the check out,

I try to buy my chips ,

But the cashier gave me a sneer and said $6 was not enough,

I asked if we could make a deal,

But the cashier said “are you for real?”,

So I settled for a spread and bread deal,

And I had jam sandwiches for a week,

Then I went back to sitting on the corner,

The banker came and said to me “Get off the street “,

He held his nose,

“And clean your feet!”,

I shuffled away and went to Feast,

“Oh “ I huffed “I could do with some meat”,

All I had left was $2,

Enough to buy myself some fries,

As I crunch the fries in my teeth,

The salt stings my lips,

When I’m done I go back to sitting on  the corner.

The words Feast,Garage and Coles are shops on Carlisle street.