Prop C is More Than Politics

My name is Tracey.

I am a peer organizer at the Coalition on Homelessness. And I am currently homeless.

I am a single parent of an 8 years old daughter.

My story is not unique. I was stably housed for several years but I was still considered homeless due to my not being on a lease.

When I lost my housing I was in an emergency shelter briefly, and now I currently stay in a family shelter. I am disabled and a month prior to losing my housing, I found out my daughter has scoliosis. She is disabled as well.

It takes on average 54 days for qualified families to be placed in a shelter. I was fortunate. Because of our disabilities we were placed faster than that.

Every day I see homeless adults and homeless families. I see individuals with mental illness and drug addiction.

Prop C will help to house many of them, including myself.

Prop C will help prevent people on the verge of homelessness from losing their housing.

A lot of money is being spent to deter people from voting Yes on C. Every voter in SF needs to look at the facts of what will be provided through this measure. There will be 100% accountability of every tax dollar that corporations will give towards Prop C. For me, it’s about time that they pay the piper.

Prop C is very vital to me becoming stably housed, as well as many others.

Prop C is important to every resident in SF whether they believe that or not.

I encourage every San Franciscan to vote Yes on C.