Poetry Spotlight

Valentine Love

By Lawrence Hollins

Love is: Sharing and caring, giving and forgiving

Love is: Loving and being loved, walking hand in hand, talking heart to heart

Love is: Seeing through each others eyes, laughing together, weeping together, praying together, moreso staying together

Love is: your best friend, your king or queen, your dream, your everything…

Love is God: and that’s what you are, my Valentine Love!

To My Mother

Be I Feel your Spirit has grown Wings
    And your Spirit has Flown away to Heaven

I can now only hear the Angels Whispering
    Don’t worry Rodney we have Her Now

So Look up to the Heavens and Take a Bow
Now it’s time for you to roam this earth

Just remember to put compassion and Love First

Her Spirit and Her words will always be with you.
And IF you model your Life after Hers
    You can go to Heaven too.

    Sincerely Rodney McClain
    Ex-Vendor for 20 Years