[Poetry] Hablo: “Frustrated”

Frustrated by the constraints of my mind,

the fact that I walk in the room and gotta command space, cuz according to colonization, space

aint rightfully mines

the fact that patriarchy got me messed up, telling girls in saudi arabia that they can’t go to

school, tellin my home grrrls in the barrio that their worth ain’t nothing unless their stomach is

baby full

promoting marriage and child rearing amongst young low income women of color, as opposed

to tellin us that we can grasp a higher conscious and that we have the capacity to inspire


it’s always someone else’s problem, fault and excuse that allows for women to put another

woman’s capacity aside,

you say you on another level but full of conscious “woke” pride

i got normalized delusions living under white supremacy, cuz if i be addressing every single

injustice i see, these people don’t know what they get when they mess with me,

when they question the strength that is women of color and our flow

it take them all but a second longer glance to see that wisdom we got, the others won’t ever


that’s why they scared and second guessin, cuz the power of mi hermanas y curandera

blessings are higher than they can ever conceive of my essence.

Frustrated. cuz they make us fill the void of generations of trauma,

with a colonized mindset, that we deserve to be poor, we just gotta be smarta

they got us fighting over turf and which woman belongs to who,

all in the scheme of trying two distract us from the fat cats droppin bombs on hospitals and


got mi compas of afrodescent saying that black lives matter. you hear me? Black Lives Matter.

fighting for the right to breathe, fighting a new set of laws disguised, with racist banter

got indigenous people fighting greedy corporations before and after Standing Rock,

what they think? they could just destroy sacred water and ain’t sumthin gonna pop off?

Frustrated. cuz women and children are being held like prisoners on the southern border, as if

the shipment to refill gun demands in latin america didn’t come from a white man’s order

so, ima check u for a minute- just cuz you buy a headdress dont mean u cultured,

just cuz u paint your face for dia de los muertos don’t mean you have a right to build an altar

just cuz you listen to rap music don’t mean you understand the struggle

just cuz you identify as an intersectional feminist ally- don’t mean you humble.

so ima let this be known. i don’t got time to educate you, i don’t have a smile for the male

privilege you exert,

so you a male feminist? meanwhile not givin a damn about the women’s mentality and body you hurt.

you want to beat another woman silly cuz she slept with your man?

i’ll talk with you about the historical, social factors that disintegrate a woman’s capacity to only

being able to keep a man

ya i’m Frustrated, cuz white feminism is focusing on equal pay for women, my first thought is,

what type of women?

Frustrated cuz me cruising in the lgbtq community got me filled with “spicy” adjectives and

presumptuous people of interest…

Frustrated. so damn Frustrated, with racism, xenophobia, transphobia and countless other

oppressions. Frustrated with this world cuz you’re seen as weak when you show sincere


got me out here, protesting, learning, eating, sleeping, reading, leanin, Frustrated.

still, I stay, brown, queer, chubby, clever, decolonized and radically educated.

So all i know is, i’m not gonna die Frustrated, i’m doing something about it