POETRY by M.y.N.d.

I met M.y.N.d. on a trip to Los Angeles. She was facing housing instability and a difficult situation at the time, and her struggle and resilience was apparent to me. In just a couple of hours we talked about everything from intersectional feminism to her intensely emotional poetry and her past. M.y.N.d. has written poetry since she was 12. When I read her poetry I knew her voice had to be heard. – Anisha Tammana

Poisonous wolf

The day I met u I jumped through hurdles of conclusions

not noticing I was braiding the rope u would use to strangle my emotions

navigate mindless eyes through a raging sea

do u even want what’s mine to give



on the vapors coming from your pores

intoxicated by poisonous silence

I find comfort in my violence

the violinist in this symphonic masterpiece

the naked wolf….

Muffled mania

Flag down my mania

Tasmania tantrums

as I put things in perspective/ur eyes shut wide

can u see me

can u see me

on the front line

bravery slips into a flatline

my society rules

frustrated stressed

juice pressed

to impress

my heart breaks down the compression in my veins

let the gas mask muffle the cry in vain