by Lorne Thomas aka Sewer Rich®


is but a 4 letter word to try to explain

all the emotion struggles that a person must strain

to carry on their shoulders walking through life trying to maintain

a smile that is plastered hiding the fact that it is the emotion that we cannot face

it can bring tears to your eyes and makes you feel displaced

it renders your soul empty leaving you in disgrace

making you want to vanish without a trace.on


why must it be this way

some rise above it but mostly we stay

in memory of the moment’s that we could have changed

forever wondering lost with stained marked pasts leaving you hollowed and drained

forever making you think of what could have been

for what is the shame in the hearts of men


Although you may try

it always brings tears to your eyes

wise men heed where foolish men die

what does it take for man to remove all pride


It comes in waves

shocks your soul takes your breath


it will captivate all that makes you exist it will put you to death

strip your mind and rot your flesh

make it so you may never egress

That’s right P A I N Pain!!

It’s what fuels the fire that burns within it can make you sad or make you grin it is just a 4 letter word that compels you to achieve you can either sit there and learn from it or you can just grieve I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do I’m gonna succeed


Doing whatever i got to do cause pain it the sparks and ignites the fire deep from with inside of me to make it through the next day it helps me know I’m still alive worry and stress only makes that circle small so to the pain P A I N i say F * * * Y O U f*** you!!!

I will survive…