Lisa: “They Took Everything” Including Our Happiness, Hope and Strength 

A woman with turquoise hair wearing a yellow hat holds her hands up in front of her.

Interview with Lisa Mahmoud by the Stolen Belonging Team, Bayview District, San Francisco

San Francisco resident Lisa Mahmoud gestures as if she’s holding one of the most beloved and irreplaceable items stolen from her in the sweeps: a basket woven by her grandmother who has passed. Photo by Leslie Dreyer

My name is Lisa Mahmoud. I was born in Ethiopia but I came here when I was five.


Stop the Sweeps: Restart Humanity

A woman with colorfully dyed hair raises her clenched fist and smiles at the camera. She is wear a graphic T-shirt, plaid pants, and a black vest.

An Interview with Meghan “Roadkill” Johnson, conducted by the Stolen Belonging team  

Photo of Roadkill by Leslie Dreyer

Meghan “Roadkill” Johnson is a shelter client advocate who was homeless for 10 years, on and off the streets of San Francisco and throughout California. Her cherished and vital belongings were taken by employees of the City’s Department of Public works and the police department during the sweeps.



A silhouette of an figure presses its hands against a door. The image is red and black and white and reads "Horrors, Real & Imagined"

by Quinn Hailey

Sunday night, family dinner as usual. It was all fun stories, chatting, and TV –until normal programming was interrupted for some breaking news. Something was definitely happening. 

“Reporting live from California, we interrupt normal programming to bring you some terrible news,” the reporter began. “There has been an outbreak of an unknown infectious disease that’s killing people in a matter of hours. The dead bodies have also been waking up within a few minutes with bloodshot eyes and an urge for blood.


The Horror Lawyer

A silhouette of an figure presses its hands against a door. The image is red and black and white and reads "Horrors, Real & Imagined"

by Terry Johnson


Here is evil, the pure poison of the soul, the darkness we are all afraid lurks within ourselves. We are  afraid of it, and of what we are capable of doing if we lose control. Afraid, but also tempted, because  there is freedom in doing exactly what we want. Freedom for a time and a price. 

The fear,


Make the Change

by Alina Catubig, Leenz

Make the change
Give your change
Lend a helping hand
Buy a meal
Feed the soul
Don’t feed me the processed
Feed me the organic truth
The fiber, the greens
The antioxidants to give me life
Make the change
Give your change
Read me a lyric,a story
What’s your story?
Can you smile that it makes me want to dance and sing To perform art, to express change
Loud & … READ MORE