My Proverbial Provocative Mind of State

by Georgia

Ducts of pain that laid so far beneath the surface of my skin as I’d make up my face and embrace what dwelled within..

I fear no more, I am healed,

without no pain, no gain,

Yes I acted up. Turn Down for What?

But I’m no longer ashamed, No more self infliction…

Unanswered questions

I found peace, it’s what I maintain

I heard every lash of them tongues

Lashes on and behind my back

From your lashes right to my face

to tears through the ones I glam on

to stay in tact…

Smiling into faces of those I thought I know…those who I loved and trusted my deepest secrets to…

My fear and insecurities, those who know my truth.

So called friends even family, those who look like you.

And you…

And yes you too!

You helped me appreciate this journey and every step that I took

While walking up to the mirror struggling to take an honest look…

Falling…Falling within myself only to learn how to levitate…

How to breathe New Life…How to spiritually procreate.

A Self-Mastered powerful, yet fierce epitome of the universe

Extracted from the womb of my soul I went through trauma while at my worst…

Resurrecting the Goddess inside…I’ve been called and I’ve arrived.

Stabbing my Ankh into this Bitch parting the truth from all your lies. For forgiveness mercy and grace and for what it’s worth I apologize

Or softly whisper from my lips releasing nightmare lullabies.

This fire will burn, heal, infect and even intoxicate. Soothe yourself, stay awake,

take a sip, have a taste…

I’m only getting started…

With my rare, provocative,

proverbial mind of state.