Meet Your Vendor: Stanley Jackson

My nickname is Action Jackson because I like action. I was born in Oakland, CA. I had eight brothers and five sisters. I learned how to hustle at the early age of 5. I learned how to go talk for money. My mother couldn’t keep track of all the kids. I went to school at Oakland Tech High School, and then I quit high school and I started hustling pool at 16 and it took me all around the U.S., playing pool. From 17 to 30, I was in San Diego, pool hustling. I learned to love the beaches. In 2006, I was the number one pool player in San Francisco. I met and played against Minnesota Fats. In 1996, I started selling the Street Sheet. I have been selling for twenty years now. I found it pretty easy to make a few dollars selling paper. And the greatest nation is a donation. I pretty much stay a happy guy. I ain’t perfect, I slip up now and then, but I try to keep happy. I haven’t gotten old and miserable yet. I have faith that I am going to make money when I go out and sell the papers, and I love talking to people. I am 63, I will be 64 next March, and I’m trying to get a place in San Francisco. I have been homeless for the past year. Some of my favorite things to do are playing Bingo and pool. I usually sell on the corner of Geary and Leavenworth, right by the little Chinese restaurant. One of my favorite spots is on McAllister and Larkin. I have three regular customers. On my HandUp page, every month they donate money. My special people are Linda, Elbert, and Sue. People can donate to my HandUp page here.