Harmful Ethics

There are two harmful ethics afoot in the United States, the greed ethic and the elitist ethic. The greed ethic goes by the idea that there are not enough necessities to go around for everyone, so some people will have to go without basic necessities, such as food, shelter, clothes, transportation, etc. The elitist ethic declares that some people are more deserving of those necessities than others. People who are often seen as deserving less of them tend to be old people, young people, people from other countries, American Indians, etc.

People with greed or an elitist attitude would tend to go silent around a lot of people who work toward providing necessities such as housing for everyone. So some people work to establish a harmful ethic to convince children and people who don’t know better that some people don’t deserve certain necessities.

We need to perform a great deal of missionary work to oppose harmful ethics.