From Loss to Profit

by Anonymous

I had lost everything. My peace of mind, my dignity and strength … everything was gone. Every ounce of care and motivation that I had was gone. I didnʼt know how to pick myself back up from such a dark place. But life had to go on, right? Rent was due. My car note was due. My insurance lapsed. Bill collectors were calling, and I had no source of income. The pit of despair that I was drowning in kept me from holding a traditional job. I had to do something, and fast.

So I did the unthinkable…something I never thought Iʼd have to do. I began selling nude images and videos of myself to my followers on social media.

The ignorant say sex-work is for women who have no self-respect. What they donʼt realize is, we have enough respect for ourselves to do anything it takes to make ends meet. We are in control of our destiny. Selling my nudes gave me a sense of empowerment. The ability to capitalize on otherʼs lust for my body was amazing. The money came in so quick, I started

offering more expensive services such as lap dances from my apartment. I realized that I could

set my own hours and play by my own rules. I kept things safe and consensual.

The old me would have felt disappointed that I had stooped so low. But this new me gave me

the confidence I needed to lift me up, and not frown upon my actions. Selling nudes helped me

pay my bills and put food on the table on days where I was famished. To this day, I still get questions regarding the need to sell nudes and whether or not itʼs appropriate. In my eyes, selling nudes is no different than selling drugs. The stigma behind sex work must end. The judgment must end.

I was down and out, I had lost everything and sex work was there to put me back together.