Felled by Fact

by Tony Robles

The winding roads
lead to a small
A-framed Baptist

a simple structure
where complex
questions reside

a stain of quandary’s
residue on the pages
of a holy book

the winding roads
unfurl wisps of gauze
colored mist exposing
A blush of hurt

the minister
is a pleasant man
who brings to mind
a ripe pear as i sit and
take in his sermon

feelings don’t
replace facts,
he says

and i look at the
facts of this church

a wooden table with
a nativity scene

a piano

American and Christian
flags on either side

ceiling fan

people who utter
yes and amen in
the appropriate pauses
where the profound
makes its sound

“Feelings don’t replace facts”

i walk out the
door of this church,
built in the 1800’s

Its symmetry

(A fact)

i look up
and see a single
yellow leaf fall

my eyes follow
as if caught
in a thought of

landing on
a bare branch.  


feelings don’t
replace facts

but sometimes
they do

(c) 2018 Tony Robles