Empty Cells

Doctors confined

Inside the same open sore wounds

That they bandage up but never heal;

A Mother’s weary heart confined

Inside the knowing that the Devil’s playground

Is the only recreation that this community can afford.

God confined to a myopic dream,

Settles indifference smuggled into His creation

As a result of the humanity trying to fly too close to the sun

With no experience of the lightness that comes with being humbled.

A single mother confined

To the ultra sounds murmurs of her child

Saying prayers that will never surface;

Because the ga-ga goo-goos are a chanting mechanism and not just gibberish,

But who will bend an ear low enough to recognize the sweet hymn?

A prisoner confined

To the knowledge of freedom

That he can only share with God

Because it’s not the bars that suffocate

But the distance of the stars I had to navigate

To find my purpose and know what worth is

To make a man clas his hands in service and you think

He praying but no words surface,

He’s just listening to God’s heart within his grasp…

The message is clear;

This ain’t livin’

If the keys you’re reachin’

Only enforce one side of the prism;

Cause every cell is empty

Until you adjust the lenses

And see that angels dance to a convict’s heart rhythms…