Dan Paul Remembered

Dan Paul, an urban survivalist and magical street performer, has departed for his next grand adventure. He passed away on August 12, 2022. Dan was born November 11, 1970 in Seattle, Wash. into a loving family. He spent his early years at his home in Enumclaw, finishing out his youth in Huntsville, Ala. While a young adult, Dan felt crowded and claustrophobic trying to adjust to the demands of a conforming life and decided to take to the streets, ending up in San Francisco at the age of 18.

Although he traveled a bit, his heart was shared between the San Francisco Bay and the Wasatch Front of Utah, where his family resides. Some people would classify Dan as homeless, but that was not the case. Dan felt very much at home most of his life. Whether surfing on the California coast, flying on rigging in the streets of Salt Lake City, cavorting with a kite in a stubborn gale, or camping on the Pensacola Gulf amid looming tornados, Dan was in his element. 

Ironically, although “houseless” himself, Dan’s passion was helping others find a place of their own. Dan used his carpentry skills to bring Berkeley co-op housing up to code for Berkeley students, fought off mosquitos in Belize to improve campgrounds, and offered his assistance to many friends looking to improve their own dwellings. Dan was an advocate for true artistic freedom, and was a Burning Man old-timer. Although Dan loved dancing with fire, his great comfort came as he played the didgeridoo, letting the deep notes rattle his soul. He cherished his home on the Albany Bulb and the Berkeley community he grew to know as family. Dan’s religion was helping his friends and neighbors create a beautiful world. His tabernacle was the earth with its flowers, mountains, oceans, and air. His prayer was a gaze towards the Heavens, and his peace was knowing he was loved. Dan was greeted in Heaven by his father, who died when Dan was 9. He is survived by his mother, two brothers, three sisters and two sons. 

Daniel Joseph Paul, May your spirit soar. 

Dan’s ashes will be watched over by his family members. 
Join us in memorializing Dan at our website and find out more information on an in person memorial on the SF Bay at WeLoveYouDanPaul.com