[Comic] Shades of Grey

Gabriel Wyatt is a gay cartoonist who is incredibly passionate about his craft and is an advocate for queer awareness and prison abolition. He is incredibly creative and has many stories to tell, and we’re looking forward to reading all that he has. 

ABO Comix is an anthology of stories amplifying the voices of queer and trans prisoners. Their team consists of three angry queers who have been involved in prison abolition and other advocacy work for years. They also really, really like comics. Through bridging these two passions, ABO hopes this anthology will help folks on the inside get their stories and art out into the world and get some much needed $$$ into their commissary accounts. All of ABO’s content is made by queer prisoners and 100% of the profits will go right back to them. ABO Comix will be available December 2nd at abocomix.bigcartel.com, and will have a release party at 1-2-3-4 GO! that evening. Follow them for updates at facebook.com/abocomix.