[Comic] Harm Reduction by Mission Mini Comix

Mikey: The point of this mini-comic is to spread awareness about Harm Reduction, to explain what it is, and to tell people about some of the kinds of programs related to it that are(or could be)in S.F.  Things have regressed in the U.S. in terms of drug policy and attitudes(back to the dark ages) since Trump has become president.  In this mini-comic, we compare and contrast harm reduction to the war on drugs.  Harm Reduction(the H.R.C. and affiliated programs), is collecting the necessary data to show quantifiable, positive things that Harm Reduction has accomplished.  Like saving lives and stemming the flow of blood transmitted diseases.  On the other hand, there are several generations stacked up of people who are/were incarcerated, and communities that are negatively impacted by the war on drugs.  That is to say, by making drugs illegal and sentencing harsh, it creates a rich black-market for those drugs, and the money and lack of other opportunities in poor communities brings violence when people compete for that market.  There is a lack  of real studies on drugs and drug-use to scientifically understand them in an unbiased way, and lack of education about safer use(of drugs).   It is similar to how some sex education is abstinence based.  The philosophy to choose to educate people about safer use is similar to educating teenagers about birth control and safe-sex.  It allows for the fact, that regardless of morality or idealism, people still choose to engage in these behaviors, so they might as well learn some things first that could save them a lot of trouble later on.

We look at Needle Exchange(where people exchange dirty needles for clean ones to stop the spread of H.I.V. and Hep C), the Dope Project(Narcan training and distribution), and explain what S.I.F.s(Safe Injection Facilities)are, advocate for them opening county to county in the U.S. based on need, so our nation can get with the times and save some lives.  People need to understand the issues and what’s going on as things get more and more out of hand.  Knowledge can help illuminate the darkness, and move us forward as a society: away from stigmatizing addiction, fearing/hating drug users, incarcerating generations, and it can help people to not die for their high, or be scarred for life for it.

Oh yeah, this comik was written by Mikey, who drew the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th panels, Rio drew the 4th and 7th, Erin drew the 5th and Spencer drew the 8th.