A Very Brief Overview of American Anti-Sex Trafficking Laws’ Racist History

by Jesse Dekel

Reluctantly talk to any proponent of SESTA/FOSTA, and you can hear how moralistic discourse represents sex workers as precarious, agentless victims. This narrative has come out of sex trafficking discourse, to the extent that these arguments render “sex work” and “sex trafficking” as one of the same, which consequently creates a self-perpetuating problem wherein moral arguments by reactionaries with Christian Missionary savior complexes.  The “agentless victim of sex trafficking” narrative further deconstructs the notion of sex work as a legitimate form of labor,


L’Itinéraire vendor reveals reality of sex work to challenge stigmas

29 July 2016 by INSP News Service

L’Itinéraire vendor Jo Redwitch candidly reflects on her former career as a “sex dancer” in Montreal. Her essay is in reaction to Canada’s controversial new prostitution bill, which has been widely denounced by sex workers. Jo believes the bill “isn’t suited to the reality of sex work” and hopes more sex workers can “find the courage to speak out and share their point of view” to challenge common stigmas.