Landlords’ Party Celebrating The End Of The Covid Eviction Moratorium Ends In Confrontation Between Tenants And Landlords

Protesters holding banner reading "Evictions? Hell No"

by Bradley Penner

Fights broke out at Freehouse Pub as tenants protested a party celebrating the end of tenant protections throughout the city of Berkeley

On the evening of September 12, local landlords with the Berkeley Property Owners Association (BPOA) hosted a private mixer at Freehouse Pub to celebrate the end of Berkeley’s eviction moratorium.

“I think it’s pretty insensitive and shows how they’re not really part of the community,” Berkeley Rent Board chair Leah Simon-Wiesberg told Street Spirit.


Bogus PSH Safety Inspections, or How My Blue Hair Dye Became a Fire Hazard

Woman sitting with caption in background: "Hello there. We're Still Here"

by Jordan Davis

In late October, I dyed my hair blue as part of a Halloween costume: I was going as death metal singer (and vegan animal rights activist, friend of trans community, and all around girlboss) Alyssa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy. I decided that since I like the color blue, and I have connections to the ocean, I would keep my blue hair permanently. I use Arctic Fox hair dye,


The Future Starts Now

When Mayor London Breed submitted her budget to the Board of Supervisors on June 1, it had many problematic elements, but one in particular stood out for the Coalition on Homelessness: The mayor’s plan would raid $60 million from youth and family housing to pay for short-term housing, subsidies, shelter and other temporary funds for adults.

While visiting a tiny home site, Mayor Breed announced her plan that she wanted to fund shelter beds for unhoused San Franciscans.


These Researchers Lived Through Homelessness. Now, They’ve Analyzed It. 

Let This Radicalize You

The latest study of unhoused Californians made headlines, even though its findings are already considered common knowledge among people engaged with the issue. However, what was unusual about the research team investigating homelessness in California is that the team are formerly or currently unhoused residents of the Golden State—and similar groups are emerging around the state. 

Call them lived experience boards, lived expertise boards or community advisory boards—bodies with formerly and presently unhoused folk are becoming commonplace in nonprofit organizations and municipal agencies,


Mayor’s Plan to Expand Shelter Guts Housing for Families and Youth

by Jennifer Friedenbach

Mayor London Breed announced plans last month to fund shelter for unhoused San Franciscans. What the mayor did not mention was  where that funding would come from. The Coalition on Homelessness supports the plans to replace and continue the announced 594 beds, not just for two years but permanently, and at the same time vehemently opposes that same plan to pay for some of these adult beds by gutting housing for homeless youth and families in Proposition C. 


Tenants at Work on PSH Issues

by Jordan Davis

In early August of 2022, I wrote a piece for Street Sheet on the eviction crisis in permanent supportive housing—or PSH. Later that month, the Chronicle published their second article for the Broken Homes series, focusing on issues around PSH evictions. The main focus of the story was Robert Bowman, a Black disabled queer man who was evicted from an SRO run by Episcopal Community Services for non-violent visitor policy violations.


We Need Multifaceted Solutions to Homelessness

What We’re Looking For as Prop C Funds Roll Out

BellaRoze Nelson

San Francisco is OUR home. No matter where we came from or how we ended up here, we are here. We are human, we too reminisce about the good old days, and wonder when the line between right and wrong got so hazy. The streets of San Francisco tell a brutal story of wealth, poverty and the pursuit of profit over the housing needs of human beings.


Honoring Homeless Mothers This Mother’s Day  

By Johanna Elattar 

Homelessness is a pressing issue affecting millions of individuals and families around the world. Among those affected by this crisis are homeless mothers who face unique challenges and struggles. Homeless mothers are often left with limited resources, inadequate support and  difficult choices to make for themselves and their children. 

Homeless mothers are often single parents, who have experienced traumatic events—such as domestic violence, job loss or mental illness—that have led to their homelessness.


Housed, But Still Homeless

by Ruthie Van Esso

I was homeless. I lived on the streets, and I lived in shelters. Currently I have a roof, but I am going to tell you why I am still homeless.

My biological father beat my mom for years; we escaped to an undisclosed domestic violence shelter for women and their kiddos. My mom remarried, to a wonderful man, and I had peace for some time. I went out into the world thinking I could be normal,


Understanding the “A Place For All” Hearing

By: Carlos Wadkins

On Tuesday, March 21 San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors convened a special hearing for the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing (HSH) to present its “A Place For All” report. The department released this report last December as required by Supervisor Rafael Mandelman’s legislation of the same name. Since then Mandelman has been a vocal critic of the report, claiming on Twitter that it “is not a serious or feasible effort to end unsheltered homelessness” because of the high price tag attached and HSH’s insistence on an investment package which includes shelter,