Breaking Silence


Did you know that the average literacy level is 8th grade in the U.S.A? As a 44-year-old, it was time to Break Silence to literacy at the SF Public Library at Project Read. I have struggled all my life reading and writing with ADHD and Dyslexia. So, what is the average literacy level in a low- income community? Living in SF more than 10 years, I have been uncomfortable reading and signing legal documents. Not understanding what I’m signing year after year. Are we all at risk of becoming victims of housing displacement without even knowing? Regardless of education level, I know that we must Break Silence by educating each other on new housing laws and understanding what is on the ballot that directly affects our low-income community. Let’s vote and show that our Black Lives Matter. Break Silence to literacy and our vote does matter!



When I called 911 when my friends and I were victims of another drive-by shooting in public housing, I had enough time to speak to two family members and an SFPD officer who happened to be a long-time family friend. There were no sirens. Why was there such a lack of urgency? More than 30 minutes is unacceptable when you’re only three blocks away. Are we less important because we are not homeowners or paying market rent? It sure seems like it. If SFPD didn’t care about two lives, my two bikes that were stolen on camera definitely didn’t matter to them. I guess we live on the wrong side of the tracks. We must break silence about the lack of compassion and fair treatment in public housing.