An Exquisite Corpse for the 2016 Election

I press my hand on top of the pulse of this country

It pushes back


I keep my balance while I watch it breathe

A heartless place I thought this was,

but here it is in all its raw. Still gasping

and boiling a bloody fever we’re still sweating to break

we wake with sand scratched throats and only cruel offerings

from the sink that drip with lead and oil and

this morning, I celebrate that the face of white American imperialism

is no longer black or handsome or has a jump shot or can carry a tune of gospel

or has hair thick as my baby brother’s

Bless the clarity of this moment,

the singular focus that allows me now to name the storm a storm

and not love it even a little

But instead count the ways to tear down a wall

Remember our people have always been tearing down walls

From the rising condominiums in west Oakland

To the concrete cells in Pelican Bay

Yesterday, the Philippines Supreme Court ruled

to plant a dictator’s corpse into a heroes’ memorial

Remember, there will always be evil to uproot.

And let this moment be an uprooting

let it be a prelude to empire crumbling

to the slaughter of the beasts of hatred

that live and feed in the warm dark of all of our hearts

Our hearts

ain’t ready to collapse under the regimen of hate

Despair wants us to remodel this new home

Order new locks & paint our walls red.

Think us, moldable until we are destructible.

Think we won’t build a home out of our rage.

Think we won’t heal from this moment.

Think we won’t revolt.