Advice from the YPAC

Advice from the San Francisco YPAC (Youth Policy and Advisory Committee).  This report gives  topical brief and straight to the point pieces of advice to service providers and policy makers. The advice comes straight from the minds and hearts of youth with lived experience and knowledge of homelessness.

November 2017: Top Ten pieces of advice for Outreach Workers!

  1.   If I am asking for help I obviously need help so don’t turn me down.
  2.   If you can’t help me, point me in the right direction to the right referral. Take me there if you can.
  3.   Protect confidentiality. Don’t talk about me with other youth or coworkers.
  4.   Hand me something that will benefit my body/health not just gummies. (But we do love the gummies, we just want something healthy too.)
  5.   When you are handing items out let people pick and choose what they want.
  6.   Don’t give out (or purchase to give out) expired food!
  7.   Do more outreach in the Bayview.
  8.   Have outreach workers that are helpful with recovery and rehab.
  9.   Have mobile crisis services as a part of outreach teams.
  10. Here is what we would like to have: underwear when you give out socks, gift cards with an amount of money that will allow us to buy something, and hot meals.

Created by the Youth Policy and Advisory Committee at their meeting on November 16, 2017

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