You and I

by Tatiana Lyulkin

Your eyes

Are the color of the sea

After the storm.

You and I,

Explorers and fearless voyagers

At one

With the nature and the night,

Seeking safety and comfort

In each other’s arms.

We share

What little we have

With each other

And with the world.

You wear

My old Stanford sweatshirt,

Your mother’s wedding ring

Is on a silver chain

Around my neck.

You and I,

Stone cold and gentle,

Lovers, survivors, street poets,

Our lives battered

And forever altered

By the storm. 

Our green tent

Is between the Ferry Building

And the Fire Station,

The City by the Bay is our home

And we always come back-

Night after night. 

You and I,

Forgotten but not lost,

Surviving the storm


As one,

One precious moment

At a time.