To Our Sacramento Readers

Hello San Francisco! Hello Sacramento!

The Sacramento Homeless Organizing Committee (SHOC)_ is now publishing news and views from the capital city in San Francisco’s Street Sheet.  SHOC has published Homeward Street Journal, our local homeless paper, for over 20 years, providing thousands of issues for distribution on our city’s street corners and in its encampments, supporting unhoused vendors and uplifting the movement for housing for all. 

Now we are moving in a new direction.

There could not be a better moment for communities of unhoused people to unite in our region, combining resources and readerships as they widen their distribution and support of street newspapers. After all, the struggle for housing is common to our communities. New initiatives to make poverty and homelessness a punishable offense, and new policies to fund and carry out cruel sweeps, confiscations, and displacements are multiplying across the state. 

We need a voice at every city hall and at the capital itself; we need a public that is aroused and aware, ready to take action and speak out; and we need to reach the people on the streets and in the shelters of Sacramento who want to know what is happening not only locally but in our sister cities in the Bay Area and beyond.