I Had a Dream

To make it come true,

When I wake up,

To feel good

It was a matter of time

When I made her be mine

To live and give all her love to me,

To make me happy for the day

To stop and say

That I wanted to lover her in my dream

But now I’m here

To have you near

So you could hear me

To say to you

That I really love you,

Can you love me too

And let’s go back to bed

So I don’t beg you

To love me in my dreams

That’s why I want to be with you

So that you could accept me

Every time we’re there

Anywhere to make my dreams come true


Make Up Your Mind

Are you going to be mine

Or otherwise try to be right

Just for the night

When I hold you tight

To come inside your heartland soul

So let’s go on the right road

To heaven above

With all of your love

When you give it,

To live it up, up, up, up

So if you decide to love

All day and night

While I hold you so tight

That would be all right

With me to you

If you think it so good

Then make up your mind,

To be mine forever

And don’t let it bother you for an inch

When it could be a mile

That makes up your mind