[Poetry] Ode to DPW

Ode to DPW

You couldn’t wait

To clear the tents

And what you

Deemed junk off that

Stretch of sidewalk

Known as 17th st.

The pictures of

Our fallen were

Taken down and,

If not for those among

Us who refuse to take

Shit and to have folks

Take our shit,

Our altar with

The flowers

And rosaries

Would have been

Taken too

Of course our

Bones are buried

Deep in the ground

And our skin stripped

Of murals that live

In memory

But DPW guy,

You look a lot

Like me

In fact, you

Look like a

Guy who is

One paycheck

Away from a tent

Or one twitch or

Smirk away from

A bullet

DPW=dark person working

Trying to keep

Your shit while

Taking our

shit away