Poetry by Aaone Enosa

I, Aaone Siapai Enosa, am a recovering alcoholic and addict at Crestwood Champion Healing Center. I’ve been here since July 8th, 2021. My program has 3 phases. First is The Willows which is acute care, 2nd is Cypress which is low level care, and The Oaks which is independent living. I am now in the Oaks. I love it here. I found my passion and discovered my gift of writing poems. I never thought I’d like writing before.

When I’m lost in my thoughts, words easily come to me. What inspired me to write poems for the hardworking staff was because I could see the effort they put in to help me recover. I am blessed to have met them. Each and every one is unique in their own way. But, one thing they have in common is that they all want the best for me. I believe the Lord put them in my life for a reason. They really do care and love.

I came here with the willpower to change. At this moment, I have the desire to make a difference. I am the President: pulling my peers up, encouraging them to go to groups, do their hygiene, socializing with them, advocating for them, be their role model., a liaison, treat them fairly and with respect, and have no expectations. I am loved by this beautiful facility.