By Darnell Boyd

The homeless population has grown to 9,800 people — how did this happen?

I’ll tell you how: Our elected officials feel as though the homelessness problem is too great for them. My answer to them is, if so, then you should resign and let someone else who can fix it have your job. Quit catering to the special interest groups, pull up your sleeves and get to work.

We can also use a helping hand from the business community. You say it is not your responsibility to help fix society’s ills, but it is. You just can’t suck the life out of a city, get rich and move on. Just like breaking a campground, you leave a city in better shape than you found it.

We look to our business, religious and community leaders for leadership and answers. You call yourselves “exceptional.” You call yourselves “the best and the brightest.” I say, prove it.

Show us what you can do besides complain and beg for money. Put that Ivy League education to good use before it’s too late. Help the poor and give something back to the community that made you wealthy.