Vendor Profile: Ronald Rodgers

I’ve been selling the Street Sheet for over a year now. I sell the Street Sheet in order to provide for myself and my needs, and help others. I like the paper; I want the people to understand what’s going on here in San Francisco. I’ve been in Oakland, San Leandro, Sacramento with the Street Sheet and most people are amazed by the stories going on in San Francisco. I’m glad we have the paper called the Street Sheet, so we have something to do and also profit from.

I have eight girls and six boys, twenty-four grandbabies. I have a huge family, and I’m very proud. Most of them moved out of San Francisco and live in different cities and different states.

I’m a San Francisco native. I’ve been here all my life. I like SF; it’s my homebase. I was born and raised in the Fillmore district, but I’ve lived practically in every district here in SF. The Fillmore has dramatically changed since when I grew up there. It’s just turned all the way around with the new businesses and new housing. They’ve got a few victorians left (It used to be all victorians), one of which I stayed in. I lived right across the street from a nun’s home, which is now Walden House. They’ve been there for a couple years now. It’s changed dramatically.

I’ve worked a number of jobs! I worked for the SF Examiner and the Chronicle. I was a truck driver for them. I did roofing, locksmithing, and I did several jobs in the past. I also did security—several security companies. I am a workaholic.

At the moment, I’m going to a senior citizen home—I’m a senior citizen. I’m waiting for an opening right now. That’s where I’m coming from.

If I could tell my customers anything about myself, I’d tell them I’m a friendly, nice guy, you know what I mean? I like to talk to people. I’m just a simple, basic guy in life. If I could tell my younger self anything, I would suggest that they continue doing what they’re doing if they’re in school to stay in school and to continue to prosper in life; if you work, continue to work, and, you know, say no to drugs.