Drunk in the Dark

There is no limit to the depth a man may fall

Listen to the man laying on the floor defeated

For he has wisdom to share

And a story to tell

Misery is intoxicating

A shadow so dark

Cast by a bright red sun

Ever present, forever constant

Blanketing me with grief

Bedding me in pain

A pauper rich only in emotions

Until there is no more,

No more pain

No more grief

No more joy

Just numbers


Stumbling as I ramble

Fighting the monster

My only weapon is this bottle,

Sipping sweet nectar

People point and laugh

Unaware of what I’ve lost

Blind to the nobleness of my acts

Thinking they know

Ignorant to what really ails me

Unless you’ve experienced loss

You’ll never truly understand

What it is like,

To be drowning in misery

Battling the monster

Drunk and consumed by darkness