COME AS YOU ARE: Mental Health Care (and drug treatment) Prop C style

Make a left from Harrison onto Merlin Street in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood and you enter another world. Past two low-slung, industrial buildings and under a noisy freeway is a scene that has come to define San Francisco: Tents line the sidewalks, and a collection of household items tumble out onto the street. There are cardboard boxes, coolers, overflowing garbage bags, containers of food, grills, chairs, and a pile of bicycles. A huge clock is attached to a chain-link fence and on top of it sits a red toy truck.


CART- A Compassionate Alternative Response to Homelessness

As the pandemic continues and the shelter-in-place (SIP) hotels made available to unhoused community members begin to shut down, the most marginalized are suddenly being forced back onto the streets. As this occurs, one can only imagine the influx of calls to 911 dispatchers requesting the presence of police for nonviolent unhoused folks. 

That is why it is so critical for San Francisco to implement the Compassionate Alternative Response Team, or CART,


When Mental Illness is Environmental

By David Spero

Reprinted from The Inn by the Healing Path

Everyone knows about environmental illnesses, caused by pollution or unhealthy working conditions. But mental health problems can be environmental too, unavoidable reactions to difficult life situations. Changing the environment can change a person’s thoughts and emotions, as it has for my friend Jessie.

I’ve known Jessie since her 30s, when we played in a band together,


Mayor and Board Reach Deal on Mental Health SF

by Jennifer Friedenbach

In a compromise, two competing measures on mental health will not go to the ballot; instead, Mental Health SF will go through the legislative process.  The very contentious process ended in awkward hugs as the city family shared the stage on the steps of city hall in a press conference announcing the deal on November 12, 2019. 

     Supervisors Hillary Ronen and Matt Haney proposed going to the ballot with Mental Health SF,