Facts on Fentanyl

GLIDE Harm Reduction Services director Paul Harkin demystifies fentanyl and shares the known solutions to the opioid crisis

Reprinted from Glide, https://www.glide.org/facts-on-fentanyl/

Friday, August 30, is Overdose Awareness Day, dedicated to remembering lives lost and lives saved in the opioid crisis, as well as to informing the public about humane and evidence-based ways to mitigate the risks and fatalities associated with drug use. Here in the TL, we’ll be gathering from 1:00 to 3:00 pm at the Tenderloin National Forest (511 Ellis Street) to honor the lives lost,



by Darnell Boyd

I heard that 50% of the homeless population is over 50 years of age. 

How could this be? You mean to tell me that the seventh-largest economy on Earth will allow elderly people to sleep under a bridge in dirt with rats running around?

I’ve even witnessed amputees sleeping in their wheelchairs. We have marathons for this disease and walkathons for that disease, but for homeless people with mental health issues and elderly,


City Planning Commission votes to update Jobs-Housing Linkage Fee

by Amanda Wheelock 

The San Francisco City Planning Commission voted in favor of increasing the city’s Jobs Housing Linkage Fee following a hearing on September 19, where members of the community voiced their support for updating the fee during public comment.

The Jobs-Housing Linkage Fee, enacted by the city in 1996, is placed on businesses and corporations developing new facilities in San Francisco that increase the city’s overall commercial office space by 25,000 or more total square feet.


Violence Against Homeless People

Pink background, black text reading "Hate Has No Home Here"

by Tracey Mixon

Recently, San Francisco has decided to add two new navigation centers, scheduled to open up later this year, in the Embarcadero and the Bayview. Both of these sites have strong opposition. The Embarcadero SAFE Navigation Center has been at the center of controversy since its inception. It was approved by the San Francisco Port Commission in April of this year, despite an appeal by Embarcadero residents that was denied. These residents have now gone on to file a lawsuit and temporary restraining order to block it from being built.