Stop City Evictions and Theft: Let’s Move Along to A More Just Society!

By TJ Johnston

In all senses of the word, there has been a lot of movement from homeless people on the West Coast.

There have been move-along orders issued by cities to unsheltered people, as well as unhoused people moving to advocate for themselves. 

But they have a long, tough road ahead. San Francisco police and other city workers continue to seize the property of unhoused and unsheltered residents,


City Sweeps Retraumatize Women and Survivors

By Meghan “Roadkill” Johnson

Sweeps in San Francisco have been keeping many houseless residents cautious and afraid at the looming uncertainty, “Is today the day? Am I going to be targeted again?” We are seeing a hike in the number of women and queer folks slowly coming forward. Revisiting open wounds surrounding their traumatic encounters of sexual harassment and assault while on the streets and at the hands of the city. 


Stolen Belonging: “My Dad’s Ashes …”

Thief: The City of SF – DPW, SFPD and Caltrans

Interview with Crystal by the Stolen Belonging team, January 31, 2019, Bayview District, San Francisco.

Crystal: My name is Crystal and I’ve been here since 2002, but I grew up in the North Bay. I’ve been in every district and neighborhood in the city at one point or another.

The sweeps really suck. It’s happened a few times in the last month or two.


Stolen Belonging: “Pictures of My Daughter …”

Thief: The City of SF – DPW & SFPD

Interview with Angel Amador by the Stolen Belonging team, January 4, 2019, Soma District, San Francisco.

Angel Amador: My name’s Angel. I’ve been in San Francisco since 1998. I ran away from home at 15, and San Francisco was one of the first places on my things to do, places to go list. [The sweeps have been] an ongoing thing where they’ve taken my belongings over and over and over and over.


Stolen Belonging: Poetic Text

By the project’s core team members: TJ Johnston, Shanna Couper Orona, Meghan “Roadkill” Johnson and Sophia Thibodeaux

Performed at the Stolen Belonging: A Public Reclamation action at the DPW yard, June 22, 2019

Edited by artist Jadelynn Stahl in collaboration with the Stolen Belonging team through a series of creative writing workshop, using interviews taken by Leslie Dreyer of each team member

TJ: My name is TJ Johnston.