The Battle for the Heart of Silicon Valley

by Ehb Teng My name is Ehb Teng, Co-Founder of Diginido Labs LLC. I am a proud Bay Area native. technologist, and social entrepreneur, and I have been beleaguered as of late by my own tech startup community. I had the privilege of growing up during a time of great innovation as I witnessed the … Read more

Non-Solutions Solutions to Ending Homelessness: What Isn’t Working and Why

A report by the nine organizations of the Western Regional Advocacy Project: Denver Homeless Out Loud, Los Angeles Community Action Network, St. Mary’s Center, Street Spirit, San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness, Sacramento Homeless Organizing Committee, Street Roots, Sisters of the Road and Right2Survive. It is easy to forget that homelessness was supposed to be temporary. … Read more

Homeless Women and the Challenges We Don’t See

by Jennifer Friedenbach Often times, when members of the public think about homeless people, they often picture an elderly white man. Sometimes they may think of a man of color, but rarely do they picture a woman. While women may very well experience homelessness at the same rate as men—meaning just as many have no … Read more

An Election for Arts, Housing, and a Better San Francisco

by Tony Kelley This November’s election in San Francisco is the most crowded in memory, with 25 local ballot measures in addition to almost a dozen candidate races. Nearly half of those ballot measures affect the arts and low-income housing in one way or another, making Housing and Arts the dominant topics of this political … Read more

Measures P, U Threaten Affordable Housing

by TJ Johnston San Francisco voters will vote on more than 20 citywide ballot measures. Some are already getting a lot of media play, such as Proposition V, the proposed “soda tax,” and two anti-homeless measures, Propositions Q and R. Others have barely registered a blip on the electoral radar, yet nonetheless would determine who … Read more

Battle on the Ballot: Criminalizing Camping

by TJ Johnston Advocates for homeless people in San Francisco are responding to one lawmaker’s ballot proposal to break homeless encampments with 24 hours’ notice with a competing plan from another lawmaker. Prior to the June 28 Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor Aaron Peskin announced he will put his own measure, largely as a counterpoint … Read more

The Cost Of Criminalizing Homelessness

by TJ Johnston In 2015, San Francisco spent $20.6 million enforcing so-called “quality of life” ordinances for more than 60,000 incidents, according to a recent City budgetary analysis. These “quality of life” ordinances, also commonly referred by advocates as “status crimes,” are ordinances that ticket individuals for everyday acts that homeless people are most likely … Read more

Affordable Justice: Debt Free SF

by Avni Desai We all know how the housing crisis has spiraled out of control; affordability is on everyone’s agenda in San Francisco. What we often forget is that there is an intricate web of systems that lead to poverty and homelessness in San Francisco. One of these is the court system and the way … Read more

City Funds Go for Super-Corporate Welfare

PERSONAL FOUL: “UNNECESSARY ROUGHNESS” CALLED ON MAYOR LEE As the San Francisco Bay Area was hosting its second ever Super Bowl, thousands of tourists attended week long festivities in “Super Bowl City” a 10-acre temporary village at the foot of Market Street and the Embarcadero area that was shut down to traffic to accommodate visitors. … Read more

Scott Wiener Advocates Taking Tents

Move Along to Where

Supervisor Scott Wiener sent tempers flaring with an official inquiry addressed to the chief of police, along with the head of Department of Public Works, heads of Mayor’s Office of HOPE, Department of Public Health and Department of Human Services, calling for enforcement of the anti-camping law. He stated “I am writing to officially inquire … Read more