Where is the reproductive justice for homeless women?

The care of women’s bodies physically, socially, politically, and emotionally regardless of age, nationality, sexual orientation, ethnicity or socioeconomic background are essential. Many women’s rights to reproductive health and family planning services are being violated through recent actions by the Trump administration plans to stop funding to programs such as Planned Parenthood. Eradicating women reproductive health services prove to be detrimental to the psyche of society as a whole. Furthermore, creating space to celebrate and protect the bodies of women are important.


When are the housed residents of SF gonna have a heart for us? asks encampment resident

I’ve been living here in San Francisco going on the last seven years, and I have had my fair shots of violence towards me, such as being in my tent, asleep, while someone burned it down with me inside. The San Francisco Police Department also had a few involvements as well, from Luís Góngora Pat and Jessica Williams, two homeless people who were killed in officer-involved shootings, just to name a few.


In Loving Memory of Street Sheet Vendor Robert Scallon

One of one of our dear vendors, Robert Scallon, passed away on April 27th, 2017 in Golden Gate Park.

“I used to encounter Rob several times a week as I walked down Larkin to the Street Sheet office on Turk. Rob would be manning his post outside Saigon Sandwich, cheerfully vending the latest issue,” says Scott Nelson, Street Sheet vendor coordinator. “Sometimes his customers would give him a sandwich from the store, and on more than one occasion he offered the sandwich to me.


Homeless with a baby

Homelessness is hard enough for single adults, while family homelessness has its own set of trials, but these are compounded when women find themselves pregnant and without stable housing.

While numbers for homeless women experiencing pregnancy are hard to come by, San Francisco estimated 228 homeless families with 630 family members living in the city in its last homeless count in 2015.

In the same period of time,