Side by Side

chair frames and baby toys, 

jackets, toothbrushes coffee cans and pillows

wrapped up in paper bags made of memories

nylon homes buried under lives made of storms… Povertyskola

 Sunday, February 12, 4PM @the Lab, 2948 16th Street in San Francisco

Sunday, February 26, 4PM @PianoFight, 1540 Broadway in Oakland

Six houseless residents of San Francisco, LA and Oakland live outside in tents,


Political Issues Facing Black San Franciscans Today

by Andrew Khakali

When Same was a child, they didn’t see any difference between them and their mostly white  preschool mates. Like all children, they simply enjoyed the company of other people, and saw them as either nice or mean based on the way that person treated them. How they felt about others had nothing to do with race, who their parents were, how wealthy their family was or anything else.


Black and Trans in San Francisco

By Mia Harper

Homelessness and how to end it has been a topic of conversation over the past several years at the state, federal and community levels. However, there has been little conversation on how homelessness and racism are linked. It is time to speak up and call it what it is.

It is so sad that at this time being Black still feels like a crime in this country.


Homelessness Among Black San Franciscans Should be Treated as a Racial Equity Issue

By Martine Khumalo

The intersection of Blackness and homelessness in San Francisco is a result of gaps in the system, and it is said you can’t beat the system. On any given night in America, there are over a half- million people who are homeless. Many suffer from chronic health conditions  and have  limited access to health care, or no access at all. This is an untenable situation, and it is not only a moral issue but also a public health crisis.


What the Future Would Look Like Without Racism

by Belinda Moses

What is racism? Racism is the prejudice, discrimination or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized. There is a worldwide belief that some races possess distinct characteristics, abilities or qualities that make them superior to others.

Racism does a lot of damage to both individuals and the community.