Against SB 827, Against Gentrification

San Francisco, CA — On Tuesday, April 3rd, community groups from around San Francisco hosted a rally against SB 827 outside City Hall, with dozens of people of color sharing stories of their own housing struggles in the city as well as their fears at the gentrifying impact the pro-development measure would have on their neighborhoods. But their voices were repeatedly drowned out by chants from a young, largely white group of YIMBY (Yes In My Backyard) affiliates,


F Yes: Fulfilling SF’s Right to Counsel Promise


This June, San Franciscans will have an opportunity to vote on a ballot measure – Proposition F – which, if passed, would guarantee free legal counsel to any tenant served an eviction notice. This program, which would be the first of its kind in California, would represent a commitment to confronting the city’s housing crunch in a real and immediate way.

In the past few years, we have seen displacement in San Francisco continue to accelerate.


Prop H: SFPD Does Not Need Electroshock Weapons (Tasers)

San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) is known both locally, and nationally for killing unarmed people of color. Discourse about arming SFPD with tasers has been filled with persistent battles between affected communities  and SFPD for the past 13 years. Despite decades of protests, the San Francisco police association has written an initiative to arm San Francisco police with tasers. This initiative is Proposition H, which will be put on the ballot in the June election.


Global Problems, Local Solutions (Part 3: Finland)

Why the US keep failing homelessness and what is so special about Finland?

Odd Request.

I was sitting by the famous fountain on the UN plaza enjoying a warm day of the San Franciscan spring and great Internet reception when a person whom I would call Mark approached me with a very unusual request.  Shaven, clean and stylishly dressed gentleman in his 40’s Mark looked anything but homeless, but many years of experience with street personalities taught me that they are no less diverse than a society which created them and can be dressed in any way or style.


Joining Forces Against Policing and Jails

Last Saturday, over 150 members of different campaigns, projects, and coalitions fighting against the violence of policing and imprisonment attended a half day summit at City College of SF Mission Campus titled Joining Forces Against Policing and Jails in San Francisco. The powerful gathering was organized by the No New SF Jail Coalition, and sought to strengthen connections between organizations to better address the interlocking impacts of imprisonment, policing, surveillance, courts, and prosecution in San Francisco.