SF Steers Toward Housing for Some, Handcuffs for Most

by TJ Johnston San Francisco is getting props from a national homeless advocacy organization for innovating a model for emergency shelters. But the City’s addition of a local ordinance regarding homeless encampments could undercut its overall efforts. The National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty lauded the City’s navigation center in its report “Housing, Not … Read more

No Housing in “Housing, Not Tents” Campaign

by Jordan Billups How false promises led to Prop. Q’s success Even though the votes are still officially unofficial as of press time, the majority are reporting and it seems like November 8 was a victory for homeless and low income individuals in San Francisco in a lot of ways. It seems as though the … Read more

Jesus Perez: Warrior for the People

I grew up in San Jose. That was where I spent most of my childhood and where I grew up into a young man. The house I lived in there I shared with nine other family members, so it was always pretty crowded. As we grew up my brother and sister both got nice jobs … Read more

Beyond Housing: One Family’s Struggle

By Arendse Skovmoller Most of us consider our home as a place in which we rest, regroup, and feel safe. It is where we store our belongings, are able to shut out the world for a while, and simply be ourselves. However, for 59-year-old Rita, getting into public housing has yet to provide her with … Read more

The Campaign to Save The Street Spirit

By Jess Clarke The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) has announced that they will cease funding the operations of Street Spirit as of December 31, 2016. The newspaper, whose tagline is “Justice News and Homeless Blues,” is sold by street vendors in cities all over the East Bay and also available online. It has been … Read more

An Exquisite Corpse for the 2016 Election

I press my hand on top of the pulse of this country It pushes back hard I keep my balance while I watch it breathe A heartless place I thought this was, but here it is in all its raw. Still gasping and boiling a bloody fever we’re still sweating to break we wake with … Read more

Homeless People Make Local Wins In the Midst of a Divided Nation

Trump isn’t the only surprise winner this election season. Here in San Francisco, homeless people had a major win, despite all the trump style shenanigans coming from our local policy makers.  With San Franciscans top issue being homelessness, there was plenty of opportunity to determine the fate of our most destitute citizenry. The positive results … Read more

Broken Windows Policing Continues to Criminalize Poor People

By Asher Waite-Jones I am a famously heavy sleeper. I slept through the sounds of my four-year-old housemate running up and down the hall outside my room. I slept through traffic accidents right outside my window. I slept through countless storms, and my second Bay Area earthquake. I learned to sleep through noise and smells … Read more

Saying Goodbye to C.W.

By TJ Johnston In the column where Nevius announced his impending departure, he speculated on a celebratory dance performed by Jennifer Friedenbach, director of the Coalition on Homelessness, which publishes Street Sheet. He also linked this musing to an open letter he published, lambasting the Coalition’s decades-long efforts to serve, empower and advocate for the … Read more

Illegal Lodging Citations Mostly in Mission

By TJ Johnston  Last week, San Francisco voted for Proposition Q, which would authorize a 24-hour notice period for the City’s removal of homeless camps. But in the meantime, police continue to enforce an already-existing law against outdoor sleeping, according to recently obtained data. The City’s Police Department reported a total of 337 cases of … Read more