How to support incarcerated folks

Volunteer & Donate to the Orgs Doin’ the Work!

California Coalition for Women Prisoners is a grassroots social justice organization, with members inside and outside prison, that challenges the institutional violence imposed on women, transgender people, and communities of color by the prison industrial complex (PIC). We see the struggle for racial and gender justice as central to dismantling the PIC and we prioritize the leadership of the people, families, and communities most impacted in building this movement.


New group to sell incarcerated artists’ work online

Formed in October of 2017, the No Walls Collective aims to uplift the artwork and stories of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people. We run an online Etsy shop to connect buyers with pieces donated by incarcerated artists to support the livelihood and self-determination of people directly impacted by prisons and jails. All the proceeds directly benefit the contributing artists and ongoing efforts to abolition prisons. Each collective member is connected with loved ones who are currently in prison,


I see my life passing, and I’ve learned

I grew up in the rough part of San Jose; the east side. I ran with the local crew and began to participate in gang activity. My first encounter with the law was at the age of 13. I was arrested for burglarizing my middle school. Because of my age and the degree of the crime, I was released to my mother.

Four months later, I was rearrested; but this time it was for a strong-arm robbery.


My Personal Experience of Hell: Juvenile Hall

Dear Readers,

Hey there. I want you to know this experience I am having while I am in here. This place is like hell with ice water. You can learn many new things from being where you are now.

The whole life thing changes from the second you get arrested and are in handcuffs to the point when you’re in your room thinking about everything you’ve done.

You go through the whole getting checked-in process (fingerprints to intake).


[Poetry] Do You Remember?

Do You Remember?

Do you remember when I first held you?

Do you remember me crying too?

Do you remember you taking your first step?

Do you remember the scrapbook I kept?

Do you remember your first blankie?

Do you remember your first birthday party?

Do you remember me taking you to Disneyland?

Do you remember the beach and the sand?