City’s funding for homelessness ignores nonprofits’ requests

The Mayor’s proposed budget allocates less than 2.5% of funding for the Dept. of Homelessness

Three months ago, a team of homeless service providers sent to the City a proposal for housing San Francisco residents without a home and keeping others housed.

On June 1, Mayor Ed Lee replied. The response was essentially, “yes to some, no to others.”

As reported in the last issue of Street Sheet,


$234 fine for eating pizza at bus stop dismissed for homeless senior

Senior Daniel McHugh won’t be getting fined for eating at a bus stop.

It’s a citation that most have never heard of: Under California’s criminal code, eating at a bus shelter is illegal and can produce a fine of up to $250. McHugh, who was sharing a slice of pizza with a friend for her birthday, was cited by a San Francisco police officer in early March while waiting for the bus on Market and Seventh streets and fined $234.


Shelter client advocate: Why I quit my job

For the past five and one half years, I have been a Shelter Client Advocate. The San Francisco Shelter Grievance Policy states that Shelter Client Advocates “monitor shelter conditions and the application of shelter rules, act as informal conflict resolvers between shelters and their clients, and assist clients in appealing denials of service.” And for four years prior to this, I worked in a family shelter in the City.

Over this nine and a half years,


Lack of storage for SF homeless community

350 Jones St. has a small and unassuming storefront, with a small door sandwiched between two glass display window. Inside, a small room is lined with metal shelves piled high with bulging black garbage bags. In fact, on any given day, you can find over 320 of those black garbage bags at 350 Jones.

Run by the Providence Foundation of San Francisco, the barely 700 square foot room is the only free storage space for more than 7,000 homeless people in San Francisco.


Meet Your Vendor: Stanley Jackson

My nickname is Action Jackson because I like action. I was born in Oakland, CA. I had eight brothers and five sisters. I learned how to hustle at the early age of 5. I learned how to go talk for money. My mother couldn’t keep track of all the kids. I went to school at Oakland Tech High School, and then I quit high school and I started hustling pool at 16 and it took me all around the U.S.,