What is Humanity?

by Gianni Jones

The fact that impoverishment could define one’s humanity 
Explains the state of mind our world is in, 
Homelessness is not some preconceived notion
It’s in fact a cold reality to a governmental system 
We make progress yet to only regress
The politics of this notion is that we all deserve the best
The best education, housing, and to live out our dreams
Impoverishment can’t be the only thing that defines me or we
It will take the homeless population, … READ MORE

La Bandera

by Kevin Madrigal

I park in the Mission
always looking out for “no parking” and “no stopping” signs
on my way to work.
Today I walk past the Centro Latino de San Francisco
and notice one sign, adorned.
In bright red letters on a white background it says “No Stopping”
and hanging just a couple feet down from its text

La Bandera Mexicana
El tri color
Mexicanos y latinos unidos
En la Misión

They put up signs that say we can’t stop here
we’re supposed to continue on our way. … READ MORE

doin the numbers

no dignity in labor in twenty-nineteen
exhausted bodies drag themselves through traffic
for a pittance piecing together meagre sustenance
from 2 or 3 jobs with no benefits
the kids helpin out squweegeeing car windows
for crissake
and police dont allow such obstruction
who use tear gas and tasers on small bodies
resistance gets you 20 to life
in this cruel land of plenty for the few

what is it in a picture that can turn the tide? … READ MORE

all the brothers are ghosts & all their ghosts are doves

by A. A. Vincent 

All the brothers are ghosts
One escaped into a prodigal son
The next lost his body, buried within him
& he? he misplaced his memories in a cage
That one? he can’t see the sun around him
& another slipped into the bloody pavement
& ‘bout him? he sleeps under the construction of dreams that aren’t his
I spoke to a 7th & his temporal lobe had a wheel lock on it

All the brothers are hollow names in the air
I’ve been offering peace to their sorrow-slips

A Question of Mine

by Lawrence Hollins

When you and I, are far apart.
Can sorrow break, my lonely heart.
I really love you, yes I do!
Sleep is sweet, when I’m dreaming of you.
All you are, is a blooming rose.
Night is here, so I must close.
With the first words, in each line.
You will find, a question of mine.
Again I say, I love you.