Killing them safely: Tasers aren’t the alternative weapon we want or need

As San Francisco considers arming its police force with Tasers for the fifth time, we explore the history of the electronic control weapon and how it’s worked out for other cities.

On September 28, a person in Oakland was shocked with a Taser after allegedly trying to flee a car crash scene, but died in police custody after the weapon was used and then taken to the hospital. There are a lot of questions surrounding the incident,


How hurricane response efforts are sorting people into deserving and undeserving poor

Hurricanes Irma and Harvey delivered a devastating one-two punch to Texas and Florida, forcing millions to evacuate and leaving thousands displaced. Now, as emergency responders try to help hurricane victims cope with the aftermath of the storm, previously homeless residents are taking a particularly hard hit.

In Florida, as officials rushed to open emergency shelters for those forced from their homes by Irma, some residents who had been homeless before the hurricane were forced to wear bright yellow bracelets to mark their status.


For people living in vehicles, SF’s parking restrictions disrupt and displace

The City continues to expand parking restrictions that have a detrimental impact on people who reside in their vehicles.

On Tuesday September 19, 2017 the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) Board of Directors and Parking Authority Commission’s had yet another parking restriction on the agenda that would displace more people who live in their vehicles.  The board told MTA representatives that they are no longer willing to take requests for more “Oversize Vehicle” restrictions until the City develops alternatives,


Homeless families face new challenges as access to necessities decrease

It is difficult enough as it is to find stable housing as a single person experiencing homelessness in San Francisco; to be a family in a housing crisis can mean facing a different set of challenges on top of everything else. According to the San Francisco Department of Human Services only six short-term shelters and three extended housing programs exist as a resource for the over 1,000 homeless families with more than 3,000 children within the city.


[Comic] Harm Reduction by Mission Mini Comix

Mikey: The point of this mini-comic is to spread awareness about Harm Reduction, to explain what it is, and to tell people about some of the kinds of programs related to it that are(or could be)in S.F.  Things have regressed in the U.S. in terms of drug policy and attitudes(back to the dark ages) since Trump has become president.  In this mini-comic, we compare and contrast harm reduction to the war on drugs.