Breaking Silence About Mental Health

Why don’t we as a black community think we need to seek mental health? Why do we have to think we are crazy to see a PYSCH? Well, living in S.F. Housing Development and surviving more than 80 drive-by shootings, and over 40 murders in a 2-block radius, if you weren’t crazy you will be. We all must suffer from PTSD on some level whether we know it or not. I suffer from a severe case of PTSD and agoraphobia. I thought I would get over it with time and just pull up my boot straps. But not! I have finally sought out help through the Victims of Violent Crimes website. I built up a false sense of courage and anger issues. Women can also become violent due to PTSD. Their partners can be victims of domestic violence. PTSD can affect our black community in so many negative ways.

Can we show each other that our black lives matter?

When will we break silence about Mental Health?