Prank on techies helps homeless community

If you’re a regular reader of Street Sheet by Coalition on Homelessness, you might be surprised to hear that the paper’s recent upgrades — full color front pages and a new website — were sponsored by the same people who brought you AirBnB: Silicon Valley’s preeminent startup incubator, Y Combinator.

But donating to the Coalition on Homelessness was definitely not Y Combinator’s idea. They were compelled  to give a $20,000 donation to an organization that actively helps homeless and low income people,


My 60 days at the Navigation Center

I have been at the Navigation Center four times within the last year. Since being a client of the Navigation Center, I have experienced the good and bad from staff. Here is the truth from someone who has been in here for almost 60 days.

When you come in, you are greeted with a smile from the front desk. As you walk in, you are greeted nicely. That’s on Day One. After that day,


Let’s Talk Money: Funding for Homelessness and Housing

During the City’s budget process, service providers fight hard for funding to keep San Franciscans housed and to house San Franciscans. 

As the City’s budget process draws near, San Francisco’s homeless service providers and advocates have come together to call on the City to increase funding for housing and services for homeless populations. The Homeless Emergency Service Providers Association, or HESPA, is a group of 27 nonprofits that includes some of the biggest players in providing homeless services,


Coalition on Homelessness Represents at World Meeting of Popular Movements

The Coalition on Homelessness was invited to be part of the World Meeting of Popular Movements, an event in Modesto, California, meant to bring together Catholic leadership and grassroots organizers to address inequality and exclusion. When we first got there it was really crowded, with so many people greeting us and welcoming us. I was so excited to be there, surrounded by people who really wanted to step up and do something,


High Pain, Low Gain: New Report Highlights Burden of Fines and Fees on San Francisco’s Low-Income Residents

San Francisco’s Fines and Fees Task Force recently released a report summarizing the impact that fines and fees have on poor and homeless people. Created in late 2016, the task force was organized to provide advice to the city on how to reduce the negative impacts of fines, fees, tickets and other financial penalties on low-income residents.

First, the facts: Across the nation, fines and fees are spreading when Americans can least afford them.