Waverly Walton

Street Sheet Vendor 1996-2019

I done went through a lot of people in this office. The only person who was here when I first started was Miguel, he’s the only one. And he used to be the Street Sheet person we got papers from. When you came in, he would be sitting at the front desk. I’m a retired veteran so this keeps me busy. It helps individuals that needs help, it gives you a motivation to do your work you know,


Interview with Matthew Gerring, Street Sheet editor from 2013-2015

What were the key issues homeless people in San Francisco faced during your time as editor?

San Francisco’s affordable housing shortage was reaching crisis levels right at this time, and the Board of Supervisors also created the strategy of using “oversize vehicle bans” as a loophole to clear the streets of vehicularly housed people, as the existing ban on dwelling in a vehicle was unenforceable and, in one instance in Los Angeles,


We Also Publish the Street Sheet

Man with shoulder-length hair wearing a shirt that read "Homeless Bill of Rights"

by Paul Boden, Coalition on Homelessness co-founder

Giving people the voice of our community and educating the public to respect ALL people’s Human Rights pretty much sums up what the Street Sheet means to me, and what I recall us talking about in the office when we started the paper up. While our desire to put out the paper came largely through our incredible frustration with how we and our issues are defined in the mainstream media our goal with the paper was/is always will be to show our creative talents,


Anti-Price Gouging Law

California fires

SACRAMENTO – California Attorney General Xavier Becerra issued a consumer alert following the Governor’s declaration of a state of emergency in effect statewide due to wildfires blazing through the North Bay. Charging more than 10% more than an item was previously sold for is known as price gouging, and during a state of emergency is illegal under Penal Code Section 396.

“Families in California are in the midst of dealing with devastating wildfires.


Pregnant People to be Prioritized for Shelter and Housing

In San Francisco, all pregnant people should be prioritized for shelter and housing.

We are health professionals at UCSF and we recently asked you to help us guarantee this. We are pleased to report that on Friday, October 18, London Breed signed into agreement that all pregnant people who are unhoused will qualify for family status in access to shelter and housing. Previously, only pregnant people in their third trimester were eligible. This policy change has the potential to prevent poor health outcomes for pregnant people and their future children.