I see my life passing, and I’ve learned

I grew up in the rough part of San Jose; the east side. I ran with the local crew and began to participate in gang activity. My first encounter with the law was at the age of 13. I was arrested for burglarizing my middle school. Because of my age and the degree of the crime, I was released to my mother.

Four months later, I was rearrested; but this time it was for a strong-arm robbery.


My Personal Experience of Hell: Juvenile Hall

Dear Readers,

Hey there. I want you to know this experience I am having while I am in here. This place is like hell with ice water. You can learn many new things from being where you are now.

The whole life thing changes from the second you get arrested and are in handcuffs to the point when you’re in your room thinking about everything you’ve done.

You go through the whole getting checked-in process (fingerprints to intake).


[Poetry] Do You Remember?

Do You Remember?

Do you remember when I first held you?

Do you remember me crying too?

Do you remember you taking your first step?

Do you remember the scrapbook I kept?

Do you remember your first blankie?

Do you remember your first birthday party?

Do you remember me taking you to Disneyland?

Do you remember the beach and the sand?


[Comic] Shades of Grey

Gabriel Wyatt is a gay cartoonist who is incredibly passionate about his craft and is an advocate for queer awareness and prison abolition. He is incredibly creative and has many stories to tell, and we’re looking forward to reading all that he has. 

ABO Comix is an anthology of stories amplifying the voices of queer and trans prisoners. Their team consists of three angry queers who have been involved in prison abolition and other advocacy work for years.


[Comic] Diatribes of a Morning Starr

KrystaMarie Morningstarr is an incarcerated trans woman in Texas and has written  several letters to ABO Comix over the course of the last few months. She’s been studying manga art for four years, has diplomas in creative writing and paralegal, and is a strong advocate for the trans community. She aspires to be a published comic book artist.

ABO Comix is an anthology of stories amplifying the voices of queer and trans prisoners.