Vendor Dialogue with Pastor Victor Floyd

Too often those with homes walk by those without, with no acknowledgement, eye contact, or offer of support. The Street Sheet hopes to address this disconnect by providing a point of engagement between homeless individuals and their housed neighbors, who can also learn through the newspaper about ways to support the struggle to house all San Franciscans.


Charles Davis is a Street Sheet vendor who has really been able to use the Street Sheet to build bridges with the broader community.


Our City, Our Home: That Championship Season

We have seen what’s possible, and we can never go back to what was.


One could say that Proposition C – Our City, Our Home, began as a kind of quixotic imagining of possibilities, and, hopefully, if things worked out, much-needed increased funds for tackling the City’s homelessness crisis. A crucial ruling by the CA Supreme Court presented a window of opportunity that might not come again.


Mr. Dawe’s Civics Lesson

   On a sunny winter day early in this century’s second decade, Jack Dawe locked his mountain bike outside a Financial District skyscraper and sauntered into the neo-Gothic building, so familiar to him from his messenger days.

   He strolled through the lobby, nodded toward the security guard who acknowledged  Dawe who then tapped the “Up” button next to one of fifteen elevators.

   Soon Dawe was in the conference room of the City’s Chamber of Commerce,


Prop. 10: Housing Justice —Equal & Exact

Proposition 10 is the most important piece of renter legislation to hit ballots in decades. It is an indispensable step in relieving the affordability crisis which has fueled a statewide wave of no-fault evictions, displacement, and homelessness as prices have skyrocketed from speculative development. Prop 10 is the canary in the coal mine, signaling who is for a progressive agenda to create lasting housing security, and who is profiting from a broken system fueled by class-based exclusion and the commodification of housing.


No New SF Jail Coalition Speaks Out Against 850 Bryant

On Monday, October 22, a crowd of a hundred or more advocates representing dozens of local community groups gathered at City Hall in San Francisco with a common (though singular) goal: to close the San Francisco Jail. Those same demonstrators were back again on Wednesday, October 24th to speak at a public hearing and make their case.

After a successful campaign to prevent a new jail from opening several years back, the No New SF Jail Coalition is advancing its plan to decarcerate the city and move away from policing and toward healing and community support.