Kosh’ tu’n Woo Mu’uch

Kosh’ tu’n Woo Mu’uch

¿Dónde está El Gran Sapo?

Where is the Great Toad Mu’uch, El Sapo Góngora?


Yuum Cháak/Mayan Rain Dios, Kosh’ tu’n Woo Mu’uch

El Sapo Góngora, The Great Toad with liquid skin and marble ojos

The Great Toad who hums to you, Dios de La Lluvia/Yuum Cháak

The Great Toad who strums those sweet vocals in the dark,


Seeking Justice One Year Later: Homeless Immigrant Shot and Killed by SFPD

It has been one year since Luis Góngora Pat was shot to death by San Francisco police at the Mission District encampment where he stayed.

It will at least another year before his surviving family could seek answers—if not justice—at a federal court.

But on April 7, 2017, the first anniversary of this tragedy, about 100 people marched throughout the city, from the site of the 2016 shooting to City Hall.


Sanctuary In Name Only

What is sanctuary?

In the 21st century, people are fleeing in search of safety, looking for it high and low, enduring countless trials and many don’t make it at all.

Society is no stranger to waves of people, fleeing war, plague and natural disaster.

Today many governments in the West are scrambling to cope with the current crisis in Syria.

The ongoing armed conflict in the Middle East has left tens of thousands seeking asylum.


A West Side Story: Richmond and Sunset Gentrification On the Rise

Past the bustling streets downtown and the hip young neighborhoods surrounding Divisadero, there lies a quiet, oft-overlooked section of San Francisco. The city’s westernmost borders are home to two of its largest districts: Richmond and Sunset. Sandwiching Golden Gate Park, the Richmond District is located directly north of the park, while the Sunset District lies just south.

Both neighborhoods were originally an expanse of rolling sand dunes and wild wasteland. First developed in the late 1800s,