Dia De Los Muertos: Highlighting the Urgent Need for Family Services

by Olivia Glowacki

A grandmother in our Housing Justice Work Group reported to us the death of her grandchild, who prematurely died in the womb, according to her doctor, most likely due to the mother’s stress of being homeless and on the streets. This news emerged in the midst of a three-year battle with the City of San Francisco to make pregnant people eligible for family homeless services. Prior to our recent win,


Street Sheet Love

by Quiver Watts

Tim J noticed a problem living in San Francisco: while the city has poured hundreds of millions into trying to solve the homeless problem, more action needed to be taken for those that are in need. He was a regular reader of Street Sheet, so he knew that this paper puts money directly into the pockets of those able to work for it, and he knew from talking to vendors that selling the paper made a huge impact on them.



by Nellie Wong

July 18, 2015

Sells the Street Sheet from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm
In front of Books Inc on Van Ness Ave
Born in Algeria 77 years ago
Algerian father, Black American mother,
Sixth wife
But didn’t want to be
Sixth wife
Brought Eric at seven years to the United States.
Lived in New York, Kansas and Texas
Before arriving in San Francisco in 1989.


The Three Musketeers of Calvary Church

Charles Davis sat down with Victor Floyd, Minister of Spiritual Care, and Joann Lee, Associate Pastor for Community Foundation at Calvary Presbyterian Church, a local church that has invited Charles to sell Street Sheets to their congregation every Sunday.

When asked why Calvary had decided to invite a vendor into the church, Floyd spoke of his connection with the paper, saying “I have followed the Street Sheet for 20 years, and it is the best thing ever written.


Stolen Belonging

A Brief Introduction

By Leslie Dreyer

If you see DPW, you see that truck, you know that something’s getting got. Yesterday they took my tent and tarp…  Why would you take someone’s shelter in the rainy season? That makes no sense to me. It’s cruel.

I really miss the altar they took. I’ve had that for six years and I’d gotten it the year after my ex-husband’s death.