New BART Program Seeks to Provide Services to Low-Level Drug Offenders

On April 20, 2017, the City of San Francisco was awarded a $5.9 million, 26-month grant from the state Board of State and Community Corrections. This grant will support the implementation of the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD SF) program. Based on a model developed in Seattle, LEAD SF is an innovative pre-booking diversion program that will refer repeat, low-level drug offenders, at their earliest contact with law enforcement, to community-based health and social services as an alternative to jail and prosecution.


Meet Your Vendor: Ishmael Pearson

Ishmael Pearson is a 33 year old San Francisco native and a vendor for the Street Sheet. He currently lives in section 8 housing in the Tenderloin, not far from our office. He’s lived there for about five years. Before finding a home in the Tenderloin however, he was homeless. Suffering from schizophrenia for many years, Ishmael found it difficult to sustain permanent housing. At this point, his two main sources of income are his SSI disability and the money he makes selling the Street Sheet.


Global Problems, Local Solutions: Part 1 New Zealand

According to a recent Yale University study of worldwide homelessness, the “continuation of homelessness, especially among the wealthy countries, reflects denial and the lack of political will to address poverty and many other issues.” This is especially true for the United States, where the problem of homelessness is surrounded by social myths and stigma. Common sense dictates that without a clear understanding of the problem, it is impossible to find a way to resolving it.


[Poetry] San Francisco by Ervin Waters

Sirens flaring

the public stills in motion

eyes glaring

behind the sun shades

to hide the deep emotion

and to peek at the commotion

I stay focused

believing in only one God

I rather bite the bullet than spare the rod

you forgot, so I let you be forgotten

just because one apple was spoiled

don’t mean the remnant is rotten

it doesn’t mean its not slavery

because there is no need to pick cotton

I hold the honor of the Father with high regard

and man don`t got a heaven for us

words to the disheartened

they can never stop what has started

and what a great crowd of witnesses

to the dearly departed

those gruesomely martyred

see you at the crossroads


Inside the South Van Ness Navigation Center

As a homeless person living on the streets, I have encountered my fair share of shelters here in San Francisco. I’ve also been to two of the Navigation Centers as well. I was at the Navigation Center on Mission, and currently I’m at the Navigation Center on South Van Ness. I’m about to give you a direct outlook into the South Van Ness Navigation Center, that’s where the Good vs. the Bad come into play.