By Darnell Boyd

To The Women of Our Society,

As we celebrate Women’s Her-story Month this March, let us reflect and pay homage to the greatness of women. Let us thank them for their contribution. Let us thank women for birthing us into this world.

Let us thank all the female doctors, lawyers, police officers, firefighters, nurses, pilots, astronauts, CEOs, CFOs, mayors, representatives, senators, case managers, social workers, teachers, mothers, sisters, daughters and (one day, soon) President of the United States.

We say “thank you, thank you, thank you” for everything you have done for us, our society and our country. Without you, we would be nothing.

Women’s Her-story Month is a chance for them to tell their story, so we can learn from them and grow.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

The Men of Our Society