What Justice Does (and Doesn’t) Look Like

What is the true meaning of justice? Justice is a concept of moral rightness based on ethics, rationality, law, natural law, religion, or equity. It is also the act of being just and/or fair. This is a concept that is currently not being observed in regards to gender, age, and sexuality—especially toward members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community worldwide. At some point we have all seen, heard, or read stories about mistreatment, and unequal or unjust treatment based on sexuality. It’s so disturbing to see criminal and homophobic acts that sometimes go unpunished. THIS IS NOT JUSTICE!!

It is sad to see that in some countries, such as Uganda, being a member of the LGBTQ community is deemed a crime, yet leaders speak of justice day in and day out. Activists have been victims of abduction, assault, and execution for speaking out. It is time the global community came to realize that it is OK to be different, and that we are part of the same world and deserve the same human rights as everybody else. The trauma that comes with stigmatization is real, and causes so many mental health issues. In some countries, police put people in prison, torture and even kill them for no reason at all apart from the fact that they are gay or trans. THIS IS NOT JUSTICE!!

Being a transwoman has not been easy for me, especially since I faced discrimination starting in my own household. I lacked support from my family and had to run away from home, thinking the world outside was a safer place to be. That has not been the case. I have been through physical, verbal, and emotional abuse, and life-threatening situations that left me wondering about the kind of a world we are living in. It is crazy that people hate us for expressing our sexuality, which is different from theirs in a special way. I have been abandoned by friends that I thought would be part of my life forever for being different. THIS IS NOT JUSTICE!!

The situation gets worse when you are both a member of the LGBTQ community and also a person of color. The inequity that is openly condemned still stretches to access to services in various offices, restaurants, and social gatherings. Discrimination and hate that is clearly seen all over social media platforms goes unaddressed and unpunished. Why are the numbers representing the LGBTQ community in international sports so low? It is crazy to see this injustice in places that provide essential services, like schools and hospitals, where you find doctors and nurses that will not attend to you simply because you are either gay or black. THIS IS NOT JUSTICE!!

On a positive note, I would like to thank the government for a job well done.  Most U.S. states and other countries have come up with rules that protect members of the LGBTQ community and also people of color against any kind of discrimination. I would also like to recognize the efforts of various global organizations that work day and night to eradicate these unjust practices. I do not know when it will happen, but am looking forward to the moment when we shall all embrace each other as one regardless of race, color, religion, and sexuality. That moment when we can all dine or have a cup of coffee at any restaurant of our choice without being looked down upon. THAT IS JUSTICE!!